Definition of Placement:

  1. The sale of securities directly to an institutional investor, which can include banks, mutual funds, or foundations.

  2. The action of putting someone or something in a particular place or the fact of being placed.

Synonyms of Placement

Positioning, Placing, Putting in place, Arrangement, Position, Arranging, Deployment, Location, Disposition, Disposal, Emplacement, Installation, Install, Stationing, Abode, Accedence, Accession, Accounting for, Allocation, Allotment, Analysis, Answerability, Application, Appointment, Apportionment, Area, Arrangement, Array, Arraying, Arrogation, Ascription, Assignation, Assignment, Assortment, Attachment, Attribution, Bearings, Bench mark, Blame, Cataloging, Categorization, Charge, Classification, Codification, Collation, Collocation, Connection with, Constitution, Coronation, Credit, Culling, Deployment, Deposit, Deposition, Derivation from, Disposal, Disposition, Distribution, District, Division, Emplacement, Employment, Engagement, Enthronement, Etiology, Filing, Form, Formation, Formulation, Gradation, Grading, Grouping, Hiring, Hole, Honor, Imputation, Inauguration, Indexing, Induction, Installation, Installment, Instatement, Investiture, Lading, Latitude and longitude, Lieu, Loading, Locale, Locality, Localization, Locating, Location, Locus, Marshaling, Order, Ordering, Organization, Packing, Palaetiology, Pigeonholing, Pinpoint, Pinpointing, Place, Placing, Point, Position, Positioning, Posting, Putting, Ranging, Ranking, Rating, Reference to, Regimentation, Region, Reposition, Responsibility, Saddling, Screening, Selection, Sifting, Site, Situation, Situs, Sorting, Sorting out, Spot, Spotting, Stationing, Stead, Storage, Stowage, Stratification, Structuring, Subdivision, Subordination, Syntax, Tabulation, Taking office, Taxonomy, Triage, Typology, Whereabout, Whereabouts

How to use Placement in a sentence?

  1. The placement occurred last week which indicated our portfolio was optimally diversified which pleased the financial manger that started last week.
  2. Jon and Linda argued over the placement of the frame for so long they both eventually decided they hated it, and threw it away while dancing to Jazz.
  3. You should always try to have good placement for your product so that your customers can easily find it when they look.
  4. The proper placement of microphones.

Meaning of Placement & Placement Definition

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