Definition of Pixel:

  1. Image Elements The smallest square element in an image (erroneously called a dot) that can be turned on (off) or off (dimmed) on a computer screen. Image (resolution) details depend on how many pixels the monitor can display: VGA monitor 640 x 480 (307,200) pixels per inch (ppi), SVGA monitor 1073 x 768 (786432) ) Can display PPI and modern monitors can display 1000 x 1000 (one million) or more PPI. However, the color that the monitor can display depends on the amount of memory allocated for each pixel. A two-bit memory pixel can display eight colors, while an eight-bit pixel can display 256. Watch without intention.

How to use Pixel in a sentence?

  1. This new monitor is trash because half the pixels don't work when you turn it on.
  2. The high pixel count on the new television screens provides a much deeper and clearer image than is available on models in recent years.
  3. When her new computer screen came along, the woman noticed a broken pixel in the right corner of the screen.

Meaning of Pixel & Pixel Definition

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What is Pixel?

  • Abbreviation for image elements. The smallest part of an image displayed on a computer screen. Image quality depends on the number of pixels per square inch, so the higher the pixels, the higher the resolution.

Meanings of Pixel

  1. A small area of ​​light on the screen, one of many that forms the image.

Sentences of Pixel

  1. The camera scans the image and encodes the image in pixels.


How To Define Pixel?

  1. Pixel means: Srt for image elements. The smallest part of the image appears on the computer screen. Image quality depends on the number of pixels per square inch, so the higher the pixels, the higher the resolution.


What is The Meaning of Pixel?

  1. Srt for image elements. The smallest part of the image appears on the computer screen. Image quality depends on the number of pixels per square inch, so the more pixels there are, the higher the resolution.

Meanings of Pixel

  1. A small area of ​​light on the screen, one of which forms the image.


A physical point on a bitmap or display device that represents the least amount of information that can be stored and accessed. See also bitmap.

An invisible image file hosted on a website that helps identify brand touchpoints across platforms.

A pixel makes up the image that appears on your computer. These are small dots of color that together form an image.

Online advertising often uses a pixel to associate code with an ad because it is the smallest possible element that loads a web page. It is commonly known as 1×1 because it is the size of one pixel.

A single pixel of a CCD or CMOS sensor, or a single output of a display device. This is exactly what the numbers 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960, etc. mean. when it comes to the resolution of a particular digital camera. The higher the number, the better.

An invisible image file hosted by a website and used to display information such as B. a cookie on a server. Pixels can be used to identify brand touchpoints across platforms.

A small unit of image measurement that contains thousands of individual pixels that together make up what the eye perceives as a uniform image.

This is a piece of code that is inserted into your website for tracking purposes.

You can collect analytics and data about your customers and how they navigate your site. You can also use pixels to refer customers to Facebook.

Because your website pixel tracks every visitor to your website, they can use this data to target them in future Facebook ads.

Your pixel will look like a bunch of words and symbols if you're not familiar with HTML, but all you need to do is copy and paste it wherever you want on your website.

Facebook has excellent guides on this topic for almost every major web platform.

A pixel is an abbreviation for an image element and refers to a single point on a graph. Ad units are usually measured in pixels, for example the default banner size is 468x60.

A snippet of code used to track a target that resides on the back of a website. Different platforms have different pixels and they all serve different purposes. Pixels can track conversions or complete completions, count user orders and ad revenue, and can even tag a user's computer by placing a cookie in their browser, allowing a company to offer its products and services after remarketing to users. leave your place.

An advertiser can place a pixel on a thank you page. This pixel allows the affiliate network to determine whether the transaction was generated through the affiliate and, if so, distribute the commission.

A pixel is a means of tracking user data. Originally, all the pixels were literally chunks, causing a remote server to send a 1X1 transparent pixel to a web page. Currently pixels can be literal pixels or based on javascript. When a pixel is loaded, a third-party server may record information such as the IP address of the user's computer, the URL of the page, and the time the page was accessed. See also conversion pixel and segment pixel.