Pivot table

Pivot table,

Definition of Pivot table:

  1. Spreadsheet feature that allows data tables to be rearranged in many ways for different views of the same data. Invented in 1986 by Pito Salas, then working for Lotus Corp, and incorporated in the Lotus Improv in 1989.

How to use Pivot table in a sentence?

  1. The concept of a pivot table has become more than commonplace in modern spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and OpenOffices program Calc.
  2. Before he met with the CFO, he prepared a pivot table with sales data so he could answer questions on the fly about how different departments and products had performed.
  3. Peter loved using the pivot table when he worked with a spreadsheet because viewing the data in many different ways facilitated ideas and approaches he hadnt thought of before.

Meaning of Pivot table & Pivot table Definition