Definition of Pitch:

  1. Slope slopes, especially the roof.

  2. Because the roof fell off the summit.

  3. Chemistry: An alternative term for asphalt.

  4. Throwing or throwing suddenly or casually.

  5. The distance between points or lines in a suitable sequence, for example, between the teeth of a sprocket.

  6. Enter a specific key (your voice or your piece of music).

  7. Offer on an agreement or other agreement.

  8. Legally delivering the ball through the pitcher.

  9. Throw the batsman (ball) to try to hit.

  10. Position and fix.

  11. The intensity of something.

  12. Typography: For example, the number of characters per inch (cpi) in monospace fonts (with equal space between all adjacent characters). B-pack or courier, used on older typewriters.

  13. To buy or receive something. A form of the word.

  14. Sound quality is determined by the rate of N, which is produced by the high or low tone of the sound.

  15. Travel Industry: League Room, Distance Between Two Opposite Chairs. Also called an accent.

  16. Shake or shake the plane, plane or vehicle with horizontal axis, stand for the direction of movement

  17. Mechanical: The distance between two adjacent gear teeth or two adjacent screws or screw threads.

  18. Playground

  19. (From a moving plane, airplane, or vehicle) Swinging or rotating around a side axis, moving the front and rear up and down.

  20. Physical: loud or low noise, its frequency characteristics that make it.

Synonyms of Pitch

Jump on, Take a header, Drive stakes, Fire, Slope, Nose dive, Formal speech, Plunk, Pitch camp, Pounce on, Cloud nine, Shelve, Culmen, Fall flat, Plane, Build, Fall headlong, Keel, Put in, Build in, Recital, Space, Rung, Cooperate, Wallowing, Cap, Sway, Go uphill, Leaning, Prepared speech, Swoop down, Position, Ink, Slant, Hoist, Frequency, Zenith, Stoop, Falter, Sky, Peak, Unhorse, Labouring, Go camping, Lob, Sidle, Shy, Swag, Waver, Change of pace, Recitation, Labour, Apex, Coal, Dip down, Bowl, Throw, Belly buster, Swing, Locate, Vacillate, Come down, Pitch and plunge, Sloe, Degree, Stand upright, Tilt, Monotone, Ground, Pitch into, Fundamental, Hurl, Select, Harangue, Culmination, Assist, Frequency, Lurching, Steepness, Speechification, Raise up, Running dive, Sway, Cast, Valedictory address, Spitball, Nose-dive, Highest point, Rough it, Standard pitch, Sound, Partial, Position, Aim, Rear, Upraise, New philharmonic pitch, Smut, Patter, Harmonic, Hanging gardens, Apogee, Flip, Top, Belabor, Set up, Fall, Hurl, List, Uppermost, Sleep out, High noon, Inaugural, Lurch, Highest pitch, Ground, Elevate, Lob, Ballyhoo, Hurl, Tonality, Standard, Incurve, Fall over, Extent, Name, Hobbyhorse, Bivouac, Modulation, Spread-eagle, Extremity, Come a cropper, Plummet, Heavens, Key, Screed, Fling, Speech, Inaugural address, Tip, Raise aloft, Chunk, Declamation, Eulogy, Crest, Stint, Point, Upmost, Labor, Put the shot, Dart, Tilt, Pep talk, Stiff climb, Pitchfork, Plunge, Reeling, Bank, Flip, Speeching, Jackknife, Song and dance, Reel, Plant, Height, Toss, Fix in position, Rolling, Pick, Chute, Shot-put, Bezel, Pole, Lose altitude, Brow, Classical pitch, Overtone, Talkathon, Sling, Pass, Lob, Inclined plane, Pitch accent, Slant, No place higher, Throw, Intensity, Partial tone, Talus, Slider, Pounce upon, Playing field, Raise, Compass, Nuance, Notch, Uprear, Take a fall, Extreme limit, Diatribe, Salutatory address, Jerk, Soot, Buck off, Plateau, Plump, Catapult, After-dinner speech, Philharmonic pitch, Sky-dive, Leap, Propel, Chuck, Pas, Establish, Reel, Lay the foundation, Screwball, Incline, Wave, Thrash about, Cant, Very top, Ebon, Debate, Edge, Welter, Bung, Tumble, Cast, Vest, Fleam, Ramp, Cut, Scope, Yaw, Turn turtle, Scend, Go down, Period, Inflection, Register, Stumble, Fall prostrate, Swoop, Flutter, Degree, Ratio, Trip, Curve, Shadow, Rock, Cascade, Wag, Vertex, Toss, Inclination, Waggle, Pitching, Rake, Precipitate, Sail into, Talk, Bitumen, Tonality, Shy, Grade, Pounce, Set upon, Downcurve, Glacis, Noon, Launch, Round, Timbre, Sales talk, Sprawl, Erect, Public speech, Depth, Easy slope, Make heavy weather, Base, Chalk talk, Asphalt, Bevel, Lurch, Ne plus ultra, Steep slope, Set speech, Nutate, Careen, Audio frequency, Send, Determine, Lurch, Upheave, Roll, List, Spiel, Lash out at, Summit, Belly flop, Extent, Service, Lateral, Launching ramp, Sports field, Choose, Amount, Seat, Nominate, Rear aloft, Upcurve, Roll, Dive, Pinnacle, Meridian, Rocking, Utmost, Invective, French pitch, Seventh heaven, Philippic, Philosophical pitch, Upend, Key, Height, Tread, Launch, Change-up, Oscillate, Modulation, Install, Limit, Cant, Serve, Cast, Wallow, Mark, Move, Fling, Rock, Shake, Rise, Crow, Totter, Rain, Bobble, Lay into, Intonation pattern, Invest, Low pitch, Inclination, Angularity, Help, Wallow, Upright, Fling, Let fly, Tune, Gradient, Toss, Found, Raven, Opt for, Peg, Collapse, Abuse, Drop down, Parachute jump, Shelving beach, Step, Tone, Lean, Assail, Bowl, Plunging, Fall down, Hurtle, Resonate, Drop off, Keel, Talk, Roll, Seethe, AF, Belly whopper, List, Slope, Pound, Mountaintop, Scale, Gentle slope, Volutation, Career, Decline, Capsize, Smoke, Range, Place, Down, Acme, Upper extremity, Set, Get a cropper, Go downhill, Note, Level, Sound, Filibuster, Toss and turn, Ebony, Fluctuate, Dip, Cast up, Outcurve, Exhortation, Interval, Descend, Level, Cannonball, Tower of Pisa, Side, Flounder, Raise, Swan dive, Address, Forensic, Trend downward, Hillside, Dash, Power dive, Point, Ridge, Contribute, Flounce, Say, Shoot, Rake, Camp out, Tirade, Assault, Monotony, Cataract, Dash, Pour down, Toss and tumble, Heaven, Spire, Pitch in, Throw, Flounder, Erect, Night, Field, Swaying, Tent, Wobble, Snap, Gainer, Take a pratfall, Persuasion, Topple down, Lateral pass, Knuckleball, Gravitate, Incline, Tip-top, Reach, Skin-dive, Drop, Header, Tar, Fastball, Valedictory, Proportion, Vibrate, Gradient, Angle, Encamp, Tonelessness, Pitch and toss, Forensic address, Forward pass, Put up, Scarp, Pelt, Elect, Put, Stationary dive, Pitchpole, Librate, Bob, Direct, Funeral oration, Chip in, Prepared text, Dip, Attack, Patter, Ascend, Stair, Spitter, Helicline, Heave, Remove, Suprasegmental, Plunge, Crash, Climb, Uprise, Put up, Fork, Tone, Caliber, Sinker, Stagger, Valediction, Allocution, Fall away, Measure, Blunder, Salutatory, Wallop, Toss about, Retreat, Speech tune, Light into, Shade, Coggle, Topple, Charcoal, Parachute, Camp, Unseat, Topple over, Dangle, Reading, Fix, Place, Struggle, Delivery, Plop, Climax, Lance, Hortatory address, Crown, Toss, Leaning tower, Intonation, Peroration, Jeremiad, Maximum, Oration, Fall off, High pitch, Jet, Sales pitch, Crash dive, Set up, Sky dive, Lift up, Uplift, Pendulate, Fundamental tone

How to use Pitch in a sentence?

  1. The little eyes kept moving slowly.
  2. Sometimes, five wild shots in half are not enough to stop a team from winning.
  3. A good option is to keep the roof pitch upright and add a new second floor roof.
  4. You start the melody really loud.
  5. Promote good sales.
  6. He turned the page and threw it at the fire.
  7. I have a great idea that I want to present to my boss. Arrange a meeting to present ideas. If all goes well, I can make progress.
  8. This world famous singer is able to copy any song quickly and easily without any mistake and many people are known for his excellent wood.
  9. One of the major improvements in belt design is the distance between the belt teeth.
  10. This took the machine to a higher level of development.
  11. The roof is tilted at an angle of 75 degrees.
  12. If two local teams play on the same field during the winter in England, the farmers who reach the surface can be far more severe than a Hill farmer.
  13. They are trying to get an account.
  14. He returns the ball and gives the batsman two full seconds before throwing the same ball.
  15. Boat step and swing.
  16. We camped for the night.
  17. I have a great idea that I want to present to my boss. Arrange a meeting to present ideas. If all goes well, I can make progress.
  18. It looks like the car's engine is tilted as it passes.

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