Pisces And Sagittarius Friendship

Pisces And Sagittarius Friendship

Friendship Pisces \ Satarius? 3

I am a mesh (moon set, mesh rises) and I felt that mesh and shipwreck mesh are best friends. My best friend is Sag, Ja and Joe (Jersey S) are best friends and they have fun together, Mark Peps and Tom DeLong are also good friends (blink182) and I think that's great. What is he doing? Compatible?

Calm, calm starry, NY is great about what fish need. Mens is weird but charming, fun, and very forgiving to the stars (or most of them). I have cancer and I'm good to say ... :)

Hahaha yes I am a fish and I can handle drowning. They are very n: 3.

I think the two variable signs are related to the mains and sadness is a good match.

I also think that some Pisceans want to know that they are less sensitive and more confident.

I don't know hahaha xd

I have drowning friends. I like to make fun of them They do it again, but I always manage.

I drown and I have two fish friends ... they are very different ... I think almost all fish are very different.

One of them is my best friend and I love him very much: he is very kind, compassionate and trustworthy, he is always ready to help and express his feelings, that's why I love him Love so much ... the other is the opposite. Me and I can't really walk together ... but we've been hanging out together ever since we've teased him, so ...

But when it comes to romance, I don't like mans, I don't even think about it: DDD

Pisces And Sagittarius Friendship