Piropos Zarpados Para Hombres

Piropos Zarpados Para Hombres

Happiness for Breeze? ۔

Or funny nickname. He's not my friend. I like him xd.

Oh !! Oh how cute they are ________:

Laughter overwhelmed me, it was sent to me:

If women were architects, Ambers would hear the following as he walked through a building:

1) Yes, I found you.

2) With and ... if I take off my panties.

3) And the eggs when they are there to destroy them.

4) What toy store are you from ... muuà± echo.

5) Love, if I work to love you, there will be no unemployment.

6) Father, I must have died because I saw a little angel.

7) I found the father of my children.

8) Do I study or work for you?

9) Nice pants will look great on my bedroom floor.

10) Even I sing with this bird !!

11) You have to be a policeman with this stick!

12) Hey mother-in-law, lend me an MOP to bathe your son's navel.

13) Your mother needs to fill it because she does every ounce.

14) Hopefully we elephants will take your trunk by the tail.

15) Who wants to see you twice.

16) My King, are we messing up? I fell to the ground and you recognized me.

17) Which clock is responsible for your time?

18) What to do with beans ??? And .. !!! Pazot !!!

19) Hello from Apache? !!! apachito !!!

20) If this is Diana, the killer, then she has already pierced your heart with love.

21) I want to be a rabbit with Ezos.

22) You are like a bear, better, more beautiful.

23) Who is your hand that can head and unpack the popcorn.

24) The father introduced his general so that he would grow old for you.

25) Little thing, I need a key for my lock.

26) Re, then, the road is already Moi Amu Caro.

27) My king, do you like to run turtles? ... ... Calm down, calm down.

28) Father, your son's name should be II Gates ... because he is rich.

29) In vegetables and above ...

30) I wish you were in my fruit, rotten mango, because you extrapolated. Small steps looooooooot


I'm crazy, what do you and my bed talk mean?

You're like Colomano coffee ... good for the last drop.

Dad, I'm ■■■■ because I've seen the stars.

I found a father for my children.

Your mom needs to know what she's doing!

Who came to see you twice?

I want to be a watch, take your time.

Papa! You should call yourself Gates because you look so rich.

You are like a bear. As cute as beautiful.

What nice pants would look good on my bedroom floor?

mother in law! Give me an MOP to bathe your baby below the navel.

If this is Diana Huntress, she pierced your heart with the FA of love.

I want to be a rose in the garden of your heart.

laà œ œ œ I'm new here. Can you tell me where your apartment is?

Which toy store did you run from, doll?

Daddy is watching me get wet ... can you help me enjoy last night?

I am one and when I saw you I began to doubt ... can you help me with Siegel?

If you lived in heaven, I would die seeing you.

You are like a mountain of ice, whenever I try to conquer, Soroche attacks me.

Do you have diabetes ... because you have lovely eyes!

Bozo a delicious kiss.

If life has any desire for me, I want to see you again.

I want it to be caramel that melts in your mouth.

I want to be a girl to play with this doll.

I want to be your pajamas so I can sleep in bed with you.

Go through the small shadows that blend in with the sun.

Father! If you have green eyes, you can give me one.

Where are you going, the headache is your cure now.

I love you so much my heart shrinks from embracing you

If you are a model, you walk the catwalk of my life.

You may not be perfect, but your flaws are beautiful.

God bless my king and give me the keys.

I want to be caught in the blue sea of ​​your eyes.

I want to be butter ... melting in your Laos.

Give me some hair from your drip to make a brush and paint the dream.

I will be your widow even if I die.

If kissing you was a sin, I would gladly go to hell.

You are the train that ran the most on my track.

What are the eyes for! What would the euro look like if green were so beautiful?

How rich you are, father of my children.

If your body is in prison and your chains are in chains, prison is a great place to stay.

Love at first sight or should I come back before you?

I want to be a chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Let me flow in the lake of your eyes.

I want to be an aviator to fly in your dreams.

It doesn't matter if you're married ... I'm not jealous of soy.

I want to be the sea and you are the rock because.

I don't know if it's complimentary because I love being with you! Hahaha no better not tell her or i know what you want

Piropos Zarpados Para Hombres