Definition of Piracy:

  1. Copyright: Unauthorized reproduction of an intellectual property in infringement of copyright law. Twenty percent of software used in the world is said to be pirated (softlifted).

  2. The practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea.

  3. Marine insurance: Risk of revolt and plunder by a ships crew or passengers, or other criminal violence committed at sea. Piracy is normally covered in standard marine policies.

Synonyms of Piracy

Robbery at sea, Freebooting

How to use Piracy in a sentence?

  1. Recent examples of Somalian piracy includes raids on ships carrying supplies for the UN World Food Programme.

Meaning of Piracy & Piracy Definition


Piracy Meanings:

  1. Piracy can be defined as, Burning CDs, DVDs, computer programs, etc. Not licensed for sale or distribution purposes.

Meanings of Piracy

  1. Practice attacking and stealing ships at sea.

Sentences of Piracy

  1. The latest example of Somali piracy is the attack on ships carrying supplies for the UN World Food Program.