Definition of Pipeline:

  1. The hollow formed by the breaking of a large wave.

  2. A linear sequence of specialized modules used for pipelining.

  3. A long pipe, typically underground, for conveying oil, gas, etc. over long distances.

  4. Design or ■■■■■■■ (a computer or instruction) using the technique of pipelining.

  5. Convey (a substance) by a pipeline.

  6. An activity, item of information, material, or product, that is between the starting point and the completion point is in pipeline..

Synonyms of Pipeline

Pipe, Conduit, Main, Line, Duct, Channel, Tube, Conveyor, Adjutage, Bush telegraph, Catheter, Channel, Coming, Conduit, Confidential information, Connection, Contact, Conveyor, Cooking, Drainpipe, Duct, Efflux tube, Fire hose, Flue pipe, Flume, Funnel, Garden hose, Gas pipe, Grapevine, Grapevine telegraph, Hose, Hosepipe, Imminent, In the offing, In the works, Inside dope, Inside information, Insider, Line, Main, ■■■■■■, On the way, ■■■■■ pipe, Origin, Passage, Pipe, Pipette, Piping, Put through channels, Ready, Reed, Reed pipe, Siamese, Siamese connection, Siphon, Snorkel, Soil pipe, Source, Standpipe, Steam pipe, Stem, Straw, Supplier, Tap, The lowdown, Tube, Tubing, Tubulation, Tubule, Tubulet, Tubulure, Under way, Waste pipe, Water pipe, Wellspring

How to use Pipeline in a sentence?

  1. Chip designers pipeline the instructions given to the hardware.
  2. The product was in the pipeline stage and still had a long while to go before we called it quits with it.
  3. You should have good people working with you on the pipeline of an important project so that you know there are no leaks.
  4. The pipeline contained a vast amount of information that was flowing in both directions promoting understanding and growth for our company.
  5. The nations two largest cable operators are in the midst of opening up their high-speed pipelines to rival Internet service providers.
  6. Stretching over 895 kilometres, the pipeline will convey gas from Mozambican gas fields to South Africa.
  7. There is a heightened excitement to the last of the three as a pipeline of wave forms to the extreme right of the frame, holds its crest in the middle and crashes to the left in an ■■■■■■■■■ of spume.

Meaning of Pipeline & Pipeline Definition

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