Definition of Pipe:

  1. A cask for wine, especially as a measure equal to two hogsheads, usually equivalent to 105 gallons (about 477 liters).

  2. Put (a decorative line or pattern) on a cake or similar dish using icing, whipped cream, etc.

  3. (of a bird) sing in a high or shrill voice.

  4. A wind instrument consisting of a single tube with holes along its length that are covered by the fingers to produce different notes.

  5. Play (a tune) on a pipe or pipes.

  6. A narrow tube made from wood, clay, etc., with a bowl at one end for containing burning tobacco, the smoke from which is drawn into the mouth.

  7. Convey (water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances) through a pipe or pipes.

  8. Rigid tube (generally made of metal) used for transportation of liquids, gases, or finely divided solids, or as a structural member.

  9. Decorate (clothing or soft furnishings) with a thin cord covered in fabric.

  10. A tube of metal, plastic, or other material used to convey water, gas, oil, or other fluid substances.

  11. A command which causes the output from one routine to be the input for another.

Synonyms of Pipe

Tube, Conduit, Hose, Main, Duct, Line, Channel, Canal, Conveyor, Pipeline, Drain, Tubing, Piping, Siphon, Cylinder, Play on a pipe, Tobacco pipe, Briar, Briar pipe, Meerschaum, Clay pipe, English ■■■■, Missouri meerschaum, Pandean pipe, Adjutage, Aerophone, Anthem, Aulos, Bagpipe, Ballad, Bark, Barrel, Basset ■■■■, Basset oboe, Bassoon, Bawl, Bay, Beep, Bell, Bellow, Blare, Blast, Blat, ■■■■, ■■■■ a ■■■■, ■■■■ the ■■■■, Blubber, Bole, Bombard, ■■■■, Boohoo, ■■■■, Brass, Bray, Breathe, Briar, Briar pipe, Bugle, ■■■■, Buzz, Cackle, Calabash, Calean, Call, Calumet, Canalize, Carillon, Carol, Carry, Cask, Caterwaul, Catheter, Caw, Channel, Channelize, Chant, Chatter, Cheep, Chimera, Chirk, Chirp, Chirr, Chirrup, Chitter, Choir, Chorus, Chuck, Churchwarden, Clack, Clarinet, Clarion, Clay, Cluck, ■■■■-a-doodle-doo, Column, Conduct, Conduit, Contrabassoon, Contrafagotto, Convey, Conveyor, Coo, Corncob, Corncob pipe, Creak, Croak, Cromorne, Cronk, Croon, Crow, Cry, Cuckoo, Cylinder, Cylindroid, Deliver, Descant, Do-re-mi, Doodle, Double bassoon, Double reed, Double-tongue, Drainpipe, Drawl, Dream, Drum, Duct, Efflux tube, Embouchure, Exclaim, Fantasy, Fife, Fipple flute, Fire hose, Flageolet, Flue pipe, Flume, Flute, Funnel, Gabble, Gaggle, Garden hose, Gas pipe, Gasp, Gobble, Groan, Growl, Grunt, Guggle, Hautboy, Heckelphone, Hiss, Hogshead, ■■■■, Hoo, ■■■■■■, Hoot, ■■■■, Hornpipe, Hose, Hosepipe, Howl, Hubble-bubble, Hum, Hush up, Hymn, Intonate, Intone, Keen, Keg, Key, Licorice stick, Lilt, Line, Lip, Look at, Main, Make oneself heard, Meerschaum, Minstrel, Moan, Mouthpiece, Mumble, Murmur, Musette, Mutter, Nargileh, ■■■■■■, Note, Notice, Oaten reed, Oboe, Oboe da caccia, Ocarina, Offer, ■■■■■ pipe, Panpipe, Pant, Passage, Peace pipe, Peal, Peep, Penny-whistle, Piccolo, Pillar, Pip, Pipe cleaner, Pipe down, Pipe rack, Pipe up, Pipeline, Pipette, Piping, Pommer, Psalm, Put through, Put through channels, Quack, Quaver, Recorder, Reed, Reed instrument, Reed pipe, Roar, Roll, Roller, Roulade, Rouleau, Rumble, Sax, Saxophone, Say, Scold, Screak, Scream, Screech, Serenade, Setup, Shake, Shawm, Shriek, Shrill, Shut up, Siamese, Siamese connection, Sibilate, Sigh, Sing, Sing in chorus, Single reed, Single-reed instrument, Siphon, Skirl, Skreigh, Slide, Snap, Snarl, Snorkel, Snort, Sob, Soil pipe, Sol-fa, Solmizate, Sonorophone, Sough, Sound, Sound a tattoo, Sound taps, Speak up, Spot, Squall, Squawk, Squeak, Squeal, Standpipe, Steam pipe, Stem, Straw, Supply, Sweet potato, Syrinx, Tabor pipe, Tap, Tenoroon, Thunder, Tin-whistle, Tobacco pipe, Tobacco pouch, Tongue, Toot, Tooter, Tootle, Traject, Transmit, Tremolo, Trench, Trill, Triple-tongue, Troll, Trumpet, Trunk, Tube, Tubing, Tubulation, Tubule, Tubulet, Tubulure, Tun, Twang, Tweedle, Tweedledee, Tweet, Twit, Twitter, Ululate, Ululation, Valve, Vocalize, Volunteer, Wail, Warble, Waste pipe, Water pipe, Weep, Whine, Whisper, Whistle, Wind, Wind instrument, Wind the ■■■■, Woods, Woodwind, Woodwind choir, Woodwind instrument, Wrawl, Yammer, Yap, Yawp, Yell, Yelp, Yodel, Whistle, Penny whistle, Flute, Recorder, Fife, Convey, Channel, Siphon, Run, Feed, Lead, Bring, Chirp, Cheep, Chirrup, Twitter, Chatter, Warble, Trill, Peep, Sing, Shrill, Squeal, Squeak

How to use Pipe in a sentence?

  1. A smell of pipe tobacco.
  2. Water from the lakes is piped to several towns.
  3. You can use the pipe to redirect the files output.
  4. A reed pipe.
  5. Roads, bridges, utility lines, water and sewer pipes, and other supporting services have to be rebuilt.
  6. She had been piping cream around a flan.
  7. A fresh pipe of port.
  8. I saw a cute little waistcoat in a Burda magazine, done in gingham fabric, piped all around the edges, and on the back was a placket done up with ties.
  9. He believed hed heard music—a tune being piped.

Meaning of Pipe & Pipe Definition

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