Pinkie Pie Daughter

Pinkie Pie Daughter

Who is Pinkie’s daughter?

Pinkie Pie, full name Pinkamena Diane Pie, [Note 2] is a female floor pony and one of the main characters in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Likewise, one might wonder if Pinkie Pie has a daughter?

Pinkie Pie is married to Discord and has a daughter, Bonanza Pie.

Who is Pinkie Pies’ husband?

Maud Pie / Mudbriar In the Maud couple, Maud Pie has a friend named Mudbriar. Pinkie Pie is initially bothered by her personality and her behavior, but she learns to accept it when she realizes how much she has made Maud happy.

Similarly, you can ask who is Pinkie Pie’s daughter?

It’s me, my name is Sugar Rush, I’m Pinkie Pie’s daughter. I’m like her, talkative, hyperactive, bubbly, everything !!! I have two sisters.

Does Discord have a crush on Fluttershy?

Differences of opinion about Fluttershy are confirmed. 2. Unlike Spike or Big Mac, he doesn’t notice he has feelings as if he never learned to feel love before friendship. Baast, an official comic book character, is the first to suggest that he is in love with her.

How old is Fluttery?

AGE: Fluttershy is the oldest at 20 (she is one year older than Pinky and is listed two years earlier than RD, so she is much taller). Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie are 19 (AJ and PP have never been to school, at least as I said, but AJ says she last had her lover of hers).

Is Pinkie Pie a mom?

Game description shows Cloudy Quartz is the main mother of Pinkie Pie, Marble Pie, Maud Pie and Limestone Pie. The sweet sign of her is three stones. She and her Gen 3.5 counterpart have similar eye colors, but are otherwise completely different.

Does Pinkie Pie suffer from depression?

Pinkie Pie: Bipolar Disorder Depressive episodes are characterized by fear, anger, loneliness and, in severe cases, delusions. Due to these symptoms, Pinkie Pie appears to have severe bipolar disorder.

Fluttershy Supports Discord?

Discord is mentioned by Angel in her She Talks to Tease Angel as Fluttershy that she wants to marry him. Disagreement over Big McIntosh and Sugar Belles’ wedding. Once defeated, Discord offers to lock them in stone, which he, Celestia and Luna will continue to do once their magic is restored.

What is Rainbow Dash’s real name?

Yamato 1339. Rainbow Dash’s full name is Rainbow ■■■■■■■ Dash.

Are Pinkie Pie’s parents ■■■■?

Pinkie Pie is an orphan and spent at least part of her childhood in an orphanage. She says her parents died prematurely, possibly due to a fire that destroyed her hometown.

What does Fluttershy look like?

FLUTTERSHY is a cute and gentle pony with a big heart. She loves taking care of others, especially her little animal friends! FLUTTERSHY is a cute and gentle pony with a big heart. Keep your beautiful FLUTTERSHY pink hair smooth with the brush to keep it looking good wherever your adventure takes you.

Who claimed the scarcity?

Rarity is married to Thunderlane. They have two young Rhodonite and Rhodonite twins and an older son named TBA.

Is Pinkie Pie twin?

If Marble Pie was born a few minutes after Pinkie Pie, it means it was the same day. And if two brothers are born at the same time, they are obviously twins in the true sense of the word! Pinkie and Marble can also be born on two different days.

Is Pinkie Pie married to cheese sandwiches?

In The Last Problem, Cheese Sandwich appears in the future Ponyville during The Magic of Friendship Grows. Here he is married to Pinkie Pie and has a son named Lil Cheese.

Who are Scootaloo’s parents?

In Parental Glideance, Scootaloo writes a school report about him on Rainbow Dash and meets Dash’s parents, Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles, who love Rainbow as much as they do.

What is the flutter line?

Fluttercord is the ship between Fluttershy and Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandom.

What is Apple Jack’s full name?

Ana Milenković (Serbian, Mini Ultra) Applejack is a land pony female and one of the main characters in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

How old is Grandma Smith?

So I went to the end of the cowboy era and estimated 1880 to be the year of Granny Smith’s birth. It also means that if Granny Smith was the same age as Applebloom when Ponyville was built, the date was 1889 or 1890. But this also takes the Ponyville community from 82 to 81 years old.

Pinkie Pie Daughter