Ping: What is the Meaning of Ping?

Ping can be defined as, P accet IN ternet G roper. Internet programs are used to check if other computers are working on the network. Communicating with someone via computer.

Meanings of Ping

  1. Play or play short or triple hops.

  2. (Another computer on the network) Ask if it's connected.

  3. (Engine) The air mixture from the fuel releases a series of clicks due to the rapid burning in the cylinder.

  4. Short, loud voices.

Sentences of Ping

  1. The doorbell rings

  2. To test your IPv6 connection, first try pinging the gateway and associated host using the ping6 program.

Synonyms of Ping

clink, ding, clank, clatter, vibrate, clash, ■■■■■, jingle, ping, jangle, rattle, chime, tinkle, clang, peal, ring