Definition of Pilot:

  1. Tests (plans, plans, etc.) before submitting further.

  2. People who use airplane flight control.

  3. Working as a pilot (airplane or aircraft).

  4. An immovable reference signal that is transmitted with other signals for control or synchronization purposes.

  5. A television program designed to test public reaction to the production of a series.

  6. Establish or launch a small campaign, research or testing facility to review pre-launch conditions and operational details.

  7. This means pilot light (which means 1).

  8. Performed as an experiment or test before introducing something big.

  9. Another term for shepherd

Synonyms of Pilot

Work, Test, Windscreen, Guider, Speculative, Airman, Make go, Aeroplanist, Evaluate, Experimental, Examine, Knuckle guard, Monitor, Crop-duster, Trial, Mudguard, Have the conn, Shield, Put to the test, Check out, Hit-or-miss, Take care of, Bellwether, Barnstormer, Buffer, Safety valve, Peel off, Courier, Be responsible for, Control, Test pilot, Manipulator, Preventive, Handrail, Sailing master, Cloud seeder, Gyropilot, Direct, Direct, Practice, Charioteer, Astronaut, Herdsman, Assess, Test, Contraceptive, Airplanist, Preliminary, Jet jockey, Probative, Perform on, Cox, Carry out trials on, Protective umbrella, Aeronaut, Operant, Proving, Leader, Stunt flier, Drive, Nose guard, Probatory, Pointer, Conductor, Crash helmet, Pilot programme, Seat belt, Tour guide, Copilot, Agent, Tour director, Carry through, Steer, Pilot episode, Stunt man, Sample, Handle, Aeroplaner, Fuse, Shape a course, Aeronaut, Dashboard, Captain, Conduct, Dragoman, Carry on, Engineer, Guide, Be at the controls of, Operator, Tentative, Solo, Aegis, Deal with, Heuristic, Captain, Helmet, Licensed pilot, Escort, Bulwark, Navigator, Sun helmet, Fly, Instructor, Steer, Lifeline, Functionary, Lightning rod, Safety plug, Umbrella, Prophylactic, Barnstorm, Trial-and-error, Commercial pilot, River pilot, Guard, Safety switch, Experimental, Aviator, Helmsman, Maneuver, Safety rail, Guardrail, Bumper, Patent, See, Airman, Manage, Goggles, Cond, Insulation, Flier, Foot guard, Trying, Dean, Herd, Rainmaker, Finger guard, Take the helm, Palladium, Guidepost, Steersman, Flyer, Safeguard, Trial episode, Aerialist, Run, Life preserver, Fly, Mercury, Coxswain, Empirical, Conn, Birdman, Cowherd, Trial, Tentative, See to, Backstop, Auto, Safety glass, Operate, Cushion, Screen, Protective clothing, Hand guard, Hard hat, Dodger, Testing, Wheel, Provisional, Try out, Route, Drive, Helm, Experiment with, Steerer, Runner, Padding, Shepherd, Appraise, Operative, Interlock, Control, Shin guard, Cut-and-try, Goatherd, Drover, Manoeuvre, Investigate, Air pilot, Wheelman, Safety shoes, Lightning conductor, Handle, Safety, Knee guard, Handler, Laminated glass, Show, Cicerone, Docking pilot, Navigate, Tool, Windshield, Governor, Driver, Test, Pad, Boatsteerer, Motor, Automatic pilot, Regulate, Manipulate, Fender, Mask, Probationary, Model, Lead, Arm guard, Face mask, Operate, Exploratory, Verificatory, Play, Conner, Trial, Doyen, Hold the reins, Carry out, Wingman, Airwoman, Copyright, Boatheader, Chart a course

How to use Pilot in a sentence?

  1. Mulholland Drive was originally designed as a television series pilot, but was abandoned because ABC thought the plot was too dark.
  2. Assessing a valuation will help you know if you are looking for sales leads. Before people think about your new product.
  3. In a sculpture of invention, a pilot sends a measuring message to a given mobile station base station.
  4. He flew from Paris to DeVille in a helicopter.
  5. Today, in the railway industry, people do not agree with the term cow, but pilots are still used.
  6. You may need to check out new products to see if they attract the customers you expect.
  7. Attack by local pilots.
  8. Other schools offered this course.
  9. You may need to test a new product to see if it attracts interest from your customers.
  10. Two-year pilot study.

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