Pilot Warranty, Aircraft

Pilot Warranty, Aircraft,

What is The Meaning of Pilot Warranty, Aircraft?

Features specific to airline policy. Many guidelines include a designated pilot's warranty. This clause contains the names of the pilots selected to fly the aircraft. No one else can fly the plane. Some policies include open pilot guarantees. This clause describes the qualifications that a pilot must have to fly an airplane. In general, the owner's qualifications (including the type of license, his qualifications and the flight times he has) are the minimum requirements. Every pilot whose qualifications are equal to or greater than those stated in the policy has the right to fly. Obviously, an open pilot guarantee is better than a designated pilot guarantee.

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Meanings of Pilot:
  1. People who use airplane flight control.

  2. A television program designed to test the public's reaction to series production.

  3. An immovable reference signal that is transmitted with other signals for control or synchronization purposes.

  4. Another term for shepherd

  5. This means Pilot Light (which means 1)

  6. Experienced or experimented before introducing anything else.

  7. Working as a pilot (airplane or aircraft)

  8. Tests (plans, plans, etc.) before submitting further.

Sentences of Pilot
  1. Local pilots went on strike

  2. Mulholland Drive was originally designed as a television series pilot, but was abandoned because ABC thought the plot was too dark.

  3. In a sculpture of invention, a pilot sends a measuring message to a given mobile station base station.

  4. Today, people in the railway industry do not agree with the term "cow catcher", but pilots are still used.

  5. A two-year pilot study

  6. A helicopter flew from Paris to Deauville

Synonyms of Pilot

fly, model, manoeuvre, experimental, handle, flyer, control, appraise, preliminary, pilot episode, be at the controls of, operate, direct, investigate, assess, regulate, trial episode, experiment with, airman, sample, test, aeronaut


Meanings of Warranty:
  1. There is a written guarantee that the buyer of the item has received it from the manufacturer and repairs it or, if necessary, replaces it within a specified time.

Sentences of Warranty
  1. The car has a three year warranty

Synonyms of Warranty

covenant, promise, undertaking, commitment, guarantee, agreement, assurance


Meanings of Aircraft:
  1. Airplanes, helicopters or other capable machines.

Sentences of Aircraft
  1. With this large test flight equipment, the aircraft cannot reach heights.