Definition of Piggyback:

  1. Carry by or as if by piggyback.

  2. (1) Two companies take ownership of one business loan, and (2) if a company releases stock to the public, an investor can exercise the option to unload the stock at their discretion.

  3. On the back and shoulders of another person.

  4. On the back and shoulders of another person.

  5. A ride on someones back and shoulders.

How to use Piggyback in a sentence?

  1. Ill piggyback you the rest of the way.
  2. He always gives us a piggyback up the stairs to bed.
  3. He had to carry him piggyback.
  4. A piggyback ride.

Meaning of Piggyback & Piggyback Definition


Piggyback Definition:

Piggyback can be defined as, Systems that are, for example, behind existing systems. Loans or mortgages or advertising campaigns.

Meanings of Piggyback

  1. A lift on someone's back and shoulders.

  2. On other people's backs and shoulders.

  3. Bring or help.

Sentences of Piggyback

  1. He always took us back to the stairs to go to sleep

  2. Riding on the back

  3. He had to keep it on his back

  4. I'll take you the rest of the way