Pig With Apple In Mouth

Pig With Apple In Mouth

Why put an apple in a pig's mouth when you are frying it?

So that the pig's mouth is open. When grinding, the heat releases toxic gases from the intestines and you have to open your mouth to let them go. When the mouth is closed, the gas stays inside and enters the pig. Apples work well because they are round and do not burn when baked.

Roast pork with apples

In the past, visual representation was very popular in French cuisine.

They do this through presentation, because when they cook, they do it like this:

Gently fill the box, drill holes and close the hole. Separate the front and back of the toe apart and cover under the Y. Clean the pork with a damp cloth and brush with molten oil. Use a sharp point to make a series of small marks on the top of the pork top so that it drips on the grill. Place a piece of wood in the pig's mouth to attach to the apple for later use.

Place the pork on a large, pre-heated plate, remove the piece of wood from the mouth and replace with a red apple. Garnish with crisp watercress and gently rub the skin with a very thick, twisted piece of cotton cloth, until all the nourishment has been used and the skin is shiny and crisp. Garnish with an apple with a blackberry ringing top. Place the blueberry necklace and earrings on the pig. Serve with cranberry sauce.

Excessive tea, but when served, it looks very attractive.

What helps, for example? To like.

Apples seem to be used only for decoration. Maybe he once represented wealth or some time ago. Cherries sometimes get stuck in the pigs' eye sockets with apples in their mouths.

It should be noted that after cooking pork, apples are salted. If put during cooking, when the pork is done, the apple will sink for a long time and sink.

Pig With Apple In Mouth