Piercing Smiley

Piercing Smiley

Intruding smiles do it at home?

No, since I am a piercer and I have a piercing smile, there will be no complication in piercing like this unless you break the frenololum in 6 months. Another hole needs to be drilled, you need a catheter, carefully cut and cross the frenololum if done correctly so as not to rupture (disinfect the backs with alcohol, wash your hands, Use new and sterilized needles) The only thing you have to do to clean them is great. Hygiene, in the first week, do not use sharp bars, without alcohol, do not play with pieces in the healing process (such as piercing the mouth, this stain is more than the other, you will be healed in 2 to 3 months) Will) I might buy you a piece a year to avoid allergies, there ah too, in 1 week you can install ulex, usually recommended in 2 or come 3, because if it will not happen You will be asleep in 7 days because the wound should be painful at this time. A kiss

over it!! Yesterday I drilled a hole with a smile, I did it myself at home with a needle, I sterilized it first and everything. Drink this morning ... "" Anna wakes up and fills with white pus, what can I do? Please reply, it is important, I do not want it to go bad, thanks :)

over it!! He called me magic. I am 15 years old and c. I have drilled this hole many times, although I have already done it once, because I was afraid my ray would see it and put it back home.

1 You have to be careful and wash your hands

2 Don't weaken the animal, if you do, you can cut it

3 Pain without pain You can feel the stitches

4 You need to rinse a lot and wash immediately

5 And I suggest you use the catheter as I did with the needle and as the piercing becomes thinner it can be more painful when you puncture.

Well, that's all I do and I usually don't do until about P. I take care to bring it back closer to the gum line because if you take it away from the gum line it could crack.

Good luck :) And you come in !!

Well, some friends do it at home and after a week they get infected because some of them get infected and some of them don't, so if you want to do it at home then some alcohol. Drink it

I didn't do it at home and it didn't happen

Won't be interested or smile? ^

Hey, how did you get shot in this bag? Ÿ˜â '

Piercing Smiley

Piercing Smiley

Already open pre-forum? The first time I tried I went inside, so I squeezed, but it happened so I dried my hand well and he, and I went, went ... I was going to tell you that Try it with a glove..but you've already tried it, because if you've already tried it all, go back to where you opened the Q! Reopen Moro de Fedo one day or another, I never like it much

A sharp smile is hard to draw, because the first one leaves the jewel to dry when it is wet, it doesn't, or it works.

It is very dry and gloves, we do not appreciate the confidence in the tools to open or penetrate.

I know you're interested, you have a lot of drilling accessories and accessories, take a look there: 3

I already had and when he wanted to play professionally: first he cleared all the saliva from his mouth with a year, and after trying to open the forum lid, he was added or accepted in yes Do, go to some stadiums and play to pick up. :)

Don't move but go to a studio

Trust this person, throw space. This has happened to me or to a boy who has put a lot of pressure and we will start shooting.

Piercing Smiley