Pie chart

Pie chart,

Definition of Pie chart:

  1. Proportional area chart used almost exclusively in showing relative sizes of the components of a data-set, in comparison to one another and to the whole set. It consists of a circle (disc) divided into several (usually not exceeding six) segments. Area of each segment (called slice or wedge) is of the same percentage of the circle as the component it represents is of the whole data set. Most important segment is commonly shown in the 12 oclock position with each successive less important segment following in a clockwise direction. Also called circle diagram, circle graph, pizza chart, or sector graph.

  2. A type of graph in which a circle is divided into sectors that each represent a proportion of the whole.

Synonyms of Pie chart

Graph, Table, Tabulation, Grid, Histogram, Diagram, Guide, Scheme, Figure, Illustration

How to use Pie chart in a sentence?

  1. The pie chart was presented during the meeting and it clearly displayed our most profitable sectors of our new business.
  2. A pie chart of how public money is spent.
  3. I did not like looking at the pie chart because it did not incorporate everything that went into our business.
  4. Sometimes when I just want to keep a presentation simple and easy to understand I will use a pie chart to show my data.

Meaning of Pie chart & Pie chart Definition

Pie Chart,

Pie Chart Meanings:

  • A pie chart or graph is divided into triangular sections (such as pie slices), the sizes of which are representative of the quantity.

Literal Meanings of Pie Chart


Meanings of Pie:
  1. Usually a plate of grilled fruits or meat and vegetables with a crust at the top and bottom.

  2. Cake acronym

  3. The former currency unit of India and Pakistan, which is the twelfth of a year.

Sentences of Pie
  1. A Metloff

  2. Copper coins are pies (3 pies) and cakes.

Synonyms of Pie

pastry, tart, pasty, turnover, patty, tartlet, quiche


Meanings of Chart:
  1. Information sheets in the form of tables, graphs or charts.

  2. Map (an area)

  3. Enter weekly music ratings at a specific location (from the recording).

Sentences of Chart
  1. A table showing home and retail expenses

  2. Cook mapped New Zealand's coastline and waters

  3. Your record will probably be 74

Synonyms of Chart

draw, plot, survey, portray, chart, depict, delineate