Definition of Pickling:

  1. (of food) suitable for being pickled or used in making pickles.

  2. Chemical metal cleaning process in which a strong inorganic acid (typically hydrochloric or sulfuric acid) is used at about 80°C to strip the surface of dirt, oil, rust, and scale. Usually, a small amount of citric acid is also added to the acid-water solution to serve as a buffering agent that retards metal etching.

Synonyms of Pickling

Anhydration, Blast-freezing, Bottling, Brining, Canning, Corning, Curing, Dehydration, Desiccation, Dry-curing, Drying, Embalming, Evaporation, Freeze-drying, Freezing, Fuming, Irradiation, Jerking, Marination, Mummification, Potting, Quick-freezing, Refrigeration, Salting, Seasoning, Smoking, Stuffing, Taxidermy, Tinning

How to use Pickling in a sentence?

  1. Pickling onions.

Meaning of Pickling & Pickling Definition