Definition of Picketing:

  1. A soldier or small group of soldiers performing a particular duty, especially one sent out to watch for the enemy.

  2. Industrial action by unionized workers (called pickets) who either are on, or are trying to gather support for, a strike by assembling near the entrance to the employers premises. Pickets try to persuade (1) coworkers to join them, (2) workers of other firms (such as delivery men) to refuse to enter the premises, and (3) customers to refrain from doing business with their employer. To be lawful, picketing is usually required to be approved in a union ballot.

  3. A person or group of people who stand outside a workplace or other venue as a protest or to try to persuade others not to enter during a strike.

  4. A pointed wooden stake driven into the ground, typically to form a fence or to tether a horse.

  5. Act as a picket outside (a workplace or other venue).

Synonyms of Picketing

Demonstrate at, Form a picket at, Man the picket line at, Launch a demonstration at, Protest at, Form a protest group at, Stake, Peg, Post, Paling, Watchman, Guard, Watch, Sentry, Sentinel, Night watchman, Scout, Picket, Striker, Demonstrator, Protester, Objector, Picketer, Beef, Bitch, Boycott, Challenge, Complaint, Compunction, Confinement, Demonstration, Demur, Demurrer, Dismemberment, Estrapade, Exception, Expostulation, Galleys, Grievance, Grievance committee, Hard labor, Howl, Impalement, Imprisonment, Incarceration, Indignation meeting, Jailing, Keelhauling, Kick, March, Martyrdom, Nonviolent protest, Objection, Penal servitude, Protest, Protest demonstration, Protestation, Qualm, Railriding, Rally, Remonstrance, Remonstration, Rock pile, Scruple, Sit-in, Squawk, Strappado, Strike, Tar-and-feathering, Teach-in, The gantlet, Torment, Torture

How to use Picketing in a sentence?

  1. When would this headlong advance run into the enemy pickets?.
  2. There was a huge protest going on outside the building and there were a bunch of people picketing with some really creative signs.
  3. The picketing that took place was an obstacle that needed to be addressed immediately to prevent further negative attention and dissent.
  4. Forty pickets were arrested.
  5. Strikers picketed the newspapers main building.
  6. Sometimes your workers will not like how you are running things and they may call a strike and start picketing outside.
  7. A cedar-picket stockade.

Meaning of Picketing & Picketing Definition