What is The Definition of Picket?

  1. The strike-affected person or persons have been placed at the entrance of the workplace to prevent persons from entering the company premises.

Meanings of Picket

  1. Working as an external party (workplace or other place)

  2. A person or group of people who are unemployed or elsewhere, protesting against something or trying to persuade other people not to strike.

  3. A soldier or a group of soldiers who perform a specific task.

  4. Sharp wooden sticks were driven into the ground, usually to make fences or palisades, or to tie horses.

Sentences of Picket

  1. The protesters attacked the main newspaper building

  2. Forty pickets arrested

  3. The coffin was fired upon

  4. Storage of pine poles

Synonyms of Picket

protest at, launch a demonstration at, picket, post, panel , pale , watch, form a picket at, striker, rail , night watchman, palisade , stake, pillar , watchman, upright , stake , stanchion , paling, scout, demonstrator, form a protest group at, picketer, paling