Pica (pc or pi)

Pica (pc or pi),

Definition of Pica (pc or pi):

  1. A unit of type size and line length equal to 12 points (about 1/6 inch or 4.2 mm).

  2. Typographic unit of measure, approximately equal to one-sixth (0.166) of an inch and subdivided into 12 points. Pica is used in expressing horizontal and vertical measurements on a page whereas points are used in expressing font size, character spacing, word spacing, and line spacing.

  3. Name of a monospace (having equal space between all adjacent characters) font used commonly in typewriters that prints at a pitch of 10 characters per inch.

How to use Pica (pc or pi) in a sentence?

  1. For high resolution pictures, you will need to find a minimum photo size, in inches or picas, that your publisher wants for publication.

Meaning of Pica (pc or pi) & Pica (pc or pi) Definition