Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO)

Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO),

Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO) means,

Meaning of Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO): The Hospital Medical Organization (PHO) is an informal or legal organization that connects hospitals and their medical staff.

Despite their different structures, they are usually units that allow doctors to keep the hospital together. The PHO is open to all hospital staff or closed to those who do not qualify or are part of a more representative feature.

Literal Meanings of Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO)


Meanings of Physician:
  1. People who are qualified to practice medicine.

Sentences of Physician
  1. Our family doctor

Synonyms of Physician

doctor, medical woman, doctor of medicine, medical practitioner, MD, medical man, medical person


Meanings of Hospital:
  1. Institutions providing medical, surgical and nursing care to the sick or injured.

  2. A hospital, especially night hospitals.

  3. A non-profit organization to train young people.

Sentences of Hospital
  1. My doctor referred me to the eye clinic at the local hospital for surgical treatment.

Synonyms of Hospital

medical centre, infirmary, hospice, medical institution, clinic, sanatorium, convalescent home, nursing home, health centre


Meanings of Organization:
  1. Organized by a group of people for a specific purpose, especially a company, society, association, etc.

  2. The process of creating something.

Synonyms of Organization

consortium, running, concern, movement, institution, club, combine, structuring, management, body, company, firm, coalition, corporation, confederation, confederacy, logistics, operation, network, establishment, planning, administration, syndicate, federation, association, group


Meanings of PHO:
  1. A type of Vietnamese soup, usually made with broth and spices, in which you add spaghetti and finely chopped beef or chicken.

Sentences of PHO
  1. Moving on to the main course, the beef phone was average.