Physical Relationship With Sister

Physical Relationship With Sister

Relationship with brother? Good or bad? I mean physical relationship !!!!! 3

Since I asked the same question, well ...

Yes, my parents went to England on a business trip ... my sister and I were alone ... I was lying in bed watching TV. He came to tell me that he was afraid to be alone and wanted to sleep with me. .. I admit ... After watching TV a few times he hugged me and hugged me to his chest .. I didn't back down, I turned off the TV and room light and wanted to sleep. I didn't understand anything and it went on like this for some time, so I asked what is the problem? I can feel that he is restless ...


And usually he hugs me in an unusual way, right ... !!

the work? ...

He sold! To me he still looked like an immature child who didn't know himself. I think so, because if you get too close, it will stop at one point and stop moving. However, this type of communication between siblings is not recommended. Talk openly with him, this intimate contact should be avoided.

Ok first As a woman, she was usually killed by her two older brothers. I'm telling you now, stop it. When he kisses you on the face, why don't you take him away? it's wrong. Sleeping in the same bed? that's not fair. She is your sister, you are there to protect and support her like a brother. Sit down and tell him what is wrong and if he thinks he has an attitude towards you, he should stop immediately. Make it very clear and don't be afraid to speak a little louder. He had to understand. And you too.

These relationships are formed. Because if your parents find out, sex in the family can lead to many other family problems. But you are not the only one facing this situation. There are many people in different parts of the country who have had this kind of relationship, even in prehistoric times this kind of relationship was mentioned. So it's best to end the relationship that will always bring guilt and symptoms to your character.

When you and your sister are given the authority to live your life on your own terms and as an active member of society, do what you agree on. As far as I know, it is not illegal in India.

Please don't look at your sister like that. This is absolutely wrong. Tell him not to do it again. His mother and father left him in their care. Please take care of him like a brother.

Physical Relationship With Sister

Physical Relationship With Sister

Close the door and don't let it.

Do you want to be

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This is strictly forbidden, please do not do so. This relationship is a kind of sin.

Physical Relationship With Sister