Physical damage

Physical damage,

Definition of Physical damage:

  1. A general term for any damage done to property. In a vehicle insurance policy, this term can refer to damage done to a vehicle by collision, theft, or other insured peril.

Meaning of Physical damage & Physical damage Definition

Physical Damage,

How To Define Physical Damage?

  • Physical Damage means, The term motor insurance refers to protection against damage to the insured vehicle (as opposed to liability for material damage which covers other types of vehicles if the insurance is neglected).

  • You can define Physical Damage as, Damage due to, but not limited to, risks to your insured vehicle, collision or alteration of other items in the vehicle, fire, vandalism and theft.

  • Definition of Physical Damage: Damage or damage to vehicles as a result of collision, fire, theft or other hazards.

  • Meaning of Physical Damage: Content is damaged.

  • Specific hazards cause damage or loss to vehicles and insurance

  • Physical Damage means, General General term for real damage to property.

Literal Meanings of Physical Damage


Meanings of Physical:
  1. In relation to the body as opposed to the mind.

  2. This refers to things perceived by the senses, as opposed to solid thoughts or solid thoughts.

  3. In terms of physics or the operation of natural forces in general.

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  1. Different types of physical and mental challenges

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  3. Physical law

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Synonyms of Physical

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Meanings of Damage:
  1. Physical damage to something that affects its general value, usefulness, or function.

  2. Amount claimed or paid as compensation for loss or injury.

  3. Treat physical harm (something) in a way that interferes with its general value, usefulness or function.

Sentences of Damage
  1. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of mourners

  2. He received 28 4,284,000 in compensation

  3. The car was severely damaged in the accident

Synonyms of Damage

redress, disfigure, impair, blight, reparation, injure, reparations, harm, mar, restitution, desecrate, vandalism, mangle, vandalize, compensation, blemish, do damage to, spoil, injury, vandalization