Definition of Photosynthesis:

  1. A natural chemical process involving chlorophyll (a pigment containing magnesium that contains green plants, blue-green algae, phytoplankton and green and purple bacteria) that converts solar energy (radiation) into water and atmospheric carbon dioxide. Use to convert key parts. Organic compounds, such as: instead of glucose. Fish is also responsible for almost all the oxygen in the atmosphere and is the basis of all life on Earth.

How to use Photosynthesis in a sentence?

  1. When plants grow in greenhouses, the natural process of fertilization can take place in a controlled environment throughout the year.
  2. Students learn photosynthesis by growing bean sprouts and placing half of the light in a black closet and the other half in direct sunlight.
  3. I like to see photosynthesis in plants. Cultivating nature is a beneficial activity and makes me happy with the torments of the world in my daily life.

Meaning of Photosynthesis & Photosynthesis Definition