Photos To Be Kept In Bedroom

Photos To Be Kept In Bedroom

Can we keep pictures of God in the bedroom?

Holy images should not be kept in the room if: There is regular sexual activity in the room. This creates negative vibes. If the room is used for eating or changing, images of the saints should not be kept there.

Can we keep divine idols in the bedroom too?

Idols of God should not be kept in the bedrooms of young couples who have sex and forget God. Where to keep it in the bedroom of old couples who forget about sex and worship God for 24 hours. The idols are kept in the pooja hall and the prayers just need to be directed there.

Also, can we keep Radha Krishna’s photo room?

Vastu suggests that Radha Krishna’s idols and paintings create an aura of love and peace. Paintings and figurines of Radha Krishna can be kept in the main hall, in the bedrooms or in some rooms of the house. They are the best gifts for almost any occasion, be it a wedding or a house warming.

With this in mind, in what direction should we have images of God in the bedroom?

Build shelves to place various divine idols in the northeast. You can also place images of the Almighty in different sizes. While faith in God plays an important role in worship, leadership means just as much.

Can we keep personal photos of the ■■■■ in the bedroom?

You have full permission to post photos of deceased seniors southwest of the home or other commercial property. The images should be oriented so that the pitrus faces north while the person praying to them faces south.

What should be on the threshold?

What should be on the threshold?

A clean house, especially the entrance, attracts positive energy. Don’t keep trash cans, broken chairs, or ■■■■ near the front door.

Can we keep Mandir in the living room?

Can we keep the mandir in the living room?

If you don’t have space to set aside an entire room for the temple, you can place a small altar on the east wall that overlooks the northeast area of ​​the house. Do not place the temple in the south, southwest, or southeast of the house.

What shouldn’t you keep in your room?

Ensure total peace and relaxation by leaving these 11 elements outside.

Can we put Mandir in the bedroom?

The temple doesn’t have to be in the bedroom. But if for any reason it is in your room, put a curtain, especially at night. Students should look north as they pray.

Can we keep the photo of Ganesha in the bedroom?

Can we keep the puja room in the room?

The puja room design in the bedroom should be seen as a last resort as Vastu dictates that no one should sleep in the puja room. If there are no other options, add it to the northeast corner of the bedroom.

Which side should God be on?

The deity must be facing west, southwest or south so that your face is facing in the auspicious direction, i.e. east, northeast or north. The west-facing gods are the creative energies of nature, the novices.

Where will we keep God in space?

The idols should be placed in the northeast direction of the puja room and one inch from the walls. Idols are not allowed to look at each other or at each other at the door of the puja room.

Where should a couple hang a bedroom photo?

It is only natural for newlyweds to want to post wedding or pre-wedding photos in their bedroom. According to Vastu Shastra, the photos are posted on the east wall of the bedroom. This ensures that understanding prevails.

What is vastu shastra in English?

Where Should Couples Hang Photos?

The best place to hang these pictures is on the southwest wall as this place reinforces the bond and harmony between the conditions. It is recommended that you never place family photos in the east or north corner of the house.

In which direction should we sleep scientifically?

The best direction to sleep is east. Increase concentration and memory. It also attracts positivity and keeps you healthy. You will sleep well in this direction because it is believed that this direction is endowed with a force of action and has positive waves.

Which side should the cabinet be on?

The southwest direction is ideal for putting on cabinets or cupboards or cabinets. If this is not possible, the northwest is another suitable direction. However, a heavy almirah must be placed on the south or west wall.

Where can I put a mirror in the bedroom?

According to Vastu, the mirrors shouldn’t face north or east. It can reflect positive energy from the north or east. For good health and sleep, mirrors should be avoided in bedrooms. According to Vastu, a mirror in the bedroom shouldn’t be facing the bed.

Which direction should Lakshmi turn in?

Can we keep the death picture on the phone?

The orientation of these photos should be such that the photos of the deceased face north while the person showing them respect faces south. Make sure no photos of the deceased are kept in the mandir / pooja’s living room or business premises.

Where should we place God?

Photos To Be Kept In Bedroom