Phoenix University Credibility

Phoenix University Credibility

What is Penix University? 3

Will employers take this degree seriously? What is a degree program?

Let me tell you that I was a registration consultant for Penix University Online and AXIA / WIU Online in Apollo Group for 3 years. I recently quit my job as one of the highest paid consultants. I paid more than 2003. During my stay, I also completed my MBA / MKT.

For all of you who are in defense of this education, remove the slightest ignorance and review the information provided to you by this education. Please stop, you are not doing well and I am sorry to say that you are wrong. So wrong that its border is on ignorance.

Let's defend the corner for a moment. The company as a whole is made up of good people, some of whom are trying to help and have good intentions. The issue came directly from a man, M مولller's CEO. It implements internal guidelines that create a safe environment for everyone in the organization. Do you know, money is lost or d. When threatening a living person, he usually takes a stand. This is why so many good people may have cheated or lied to other students and why do you see so many accounts in this document.

There's a lot to cover, but let's talk about some of the basics. UOP online accreditation is approved by the North Central Association of Higher Education Commission (Perdue is equivalent to many other schools), but it doesn't make sense.

Yes, UOP has HLC-reviewed and certified programs, but their certification has not been reviewed in years. What most people don't realize is that once you have one, it's very difficult to lose your credentials. There is no active tracking of courses or instructors. UOP requires prior notice for all audits.

This means that it can offer prices basically below the provocative level. Yes, your key is a joke. It is wrong to think that universities exchange emails through Outlook Express and work in learning teams. Fact: The learning team was formed in response to a review of the federal government's use of POU grants. They need study teams to maintain their research abilities.

As mentioned earlier, UPPO is only accredited but does not require GMAT for the MBA program. what is the meaning of this? This means that they are not accredited by the AACSB. More here: That's why when I presented my MBA to professionals, they laughed. Sorry to let you know, but your degree is not as accurate as you would like.

Next, I want to talk about the misuse of nodisation. For years, he embezzled money from his employees and IV. WL

We will be with IV. As mentioned earlier, he misused access to research in the late 1990's, listing student living expenses in his campus usage reports. Hmmm, online verification is a bit tricky. They use the money as venture capital for development and investment. They do it today, in a very different way.

First, you need to understand the accounting variables used to run a multi-billion dollar business. Money is flying on all your balance sheets. Income, expenses, investments, etc. The fact is that the UOP has been steadily declining every year since its rise in 2003. That's one reason why UOPX shares rejoined the Apollo Group last year. CEOs Muller and Todd Neilson do not need to generate shareholder interest to keep the stock high.

If enrollment has declined over the years, but the CEO still reports strong growth in the years to come, how can the company make up for it? Consider planned students as entries in your report without all students actually owning the student.

There is a problem. Smart investors can look at investment financial statements and see if they are losing money. So, does UOP make a financial difference in the accounting department? 2 ways. First, you violated the AZ Act and the Federal Overtime Act by cutting your employees' salaries and (over the years) by demanding overtime, but stopped paying employees overtime.

A quick online search will reveal last year's AZ Lr department lawsuit and the O 10 million paid by UOP. 10 million? Sounds like a lot, right? Not when you consider how much you have saved over the last 20 years by not paying overtime. Somewhere above the 100 million mark. I wonder if they grow so fast.

Second, accounting is basically money that, unlike money, comes from an institution. When it comes to multi-billion dollar business, it's hard to keep track of every dollar. One wonders why UOP Online took so long to distribute IV ndden to students. They say it takes two or three months, that's a lie.

What's more, Penix University?

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What is Penix University?

Will employers take this degree seriously? What is a degree program?


Hello logo

After reading a lot, many negative comments about Penix University (UoP)

DIPLM online. I think I understand how everyone thinks about their experience.

With UOP. But truth be told, I'd like to share a few thoughts:

It is reasonable to claim that expensive keys are in UoP. Never,

Don't turn off the ignition on time, help,

Canceled second week, students sign

The attendance list, which disappeared shortly thereafter, sounded like an apology.

The instructor does not provide incomplete information, you do not.

Can be forgiven. You don't have to come.

Online degree students when it comes to them.

You should not expect the same standard of education from one.

Set up a total room with other students (outside of your comfort zone).

No comments have been received about the local campus. Why?

Every comment / complaint I read (including former employees)

They are very negative. No, that's what one says.

In every college / university you get what you have invested. Some of us

I have to test my conscience.

Me? An old idiot who visited many Chaves on the local UoP campus.

Struggling with so many other students: Being forced to read too many books

Chapter, researching on government websites, writing articles, making presentations to staff,

I wrote and added tests, and in all of them: I received offers for various jobs

When I practice my need.

Forgive this old ruthless fool and wish you all a wonderful life.

So I read the article and went to UOP. I don't know how UoP works, but since it is a non-profit university, it is expensive. I don't email just as a student. I had to write articles in just one week and read many chapters of the textbook. In many ways, it's ■■■■■■ than some of the colleges I've attended, CCSF and SFSU. Peace

It is unfair to recruit applicants from unrecognized universities for existing employees, public shareholders, board of directors or clients.

Therefore, while the Graduate Scholar may be a current employee (with a degree from a recognized university) receiving HR points for training, he or she will not hire anyone in the future.

Phoenix University Credibility

Phoenix University Credibility


Fraud at Penix University. Ask Congress to cancel the POU student loan and close this school by signing my petition below. Please share it with anyone who wants to hear it.


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Phoenix University Credibility