Definition of Philanthropist:

  1. An individual that consistently makes charitable donations to improve conditions in the world in some way. Some well-know philanthropists include Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Henry Ford, and J. Paul Getty.

Synonyms of Philanthropist

Maecenas, Robin Hood, Santa Claus, Almoner, Almsgiver, Angel, Assignor, Awarder, Backer, Benefactor, Benefactress, Benevolist, Bestower, Cheerful giver, Conferrer, Consignor, Contributor, Do-gooder, Donator, Donor, Fairy godmother, Feoffor, Financer, Funder, Giver, Grantor, Humanitarian, Imparter, Lady bountiful, Patron, Patroness, Power for good, Presenter, Settler, Social worker, Sponsor, Subscriber, Sugar daddy, Supporter, Testate, Testator, Testatrix, Vouchsafer, Welfare statist, Welfare worker, Well-doer

Meaning of Philanthropist & Philanthropist Definition