Definition of Phase:

  1. The relationship in time between the successive states or cycles of an oscillating or repeating system (such as an alternating electric current or a light or sound wave) and either a fixed reference point or the states or cycles of another system with which it may or may not be in synchrony.

  2. Adjust the phase of (something), especially so as to synchronize it with something else.

  3. Physics: Stage in a wave (oscillatory) motion.

  4. A distinct period or stage in a series of events or a process of change or development.

  5. Each of the aspects of the moon or a planet, according to the amount of its illumination, especially the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon, and the last quarter.

  6. Carry out (something) in gradual stages.

  7. A genetic or seasonal variety of an animals coloration.

  8. Chemistry: Physical state of matter: solid, liquid, or gas.

  9. General: (1) Particular stage or state of a periodic phenomenon. (2) Distinct part of a process, program, or project, complete in itself.

  10. A distinct and homogeneous form of matter (i.e. a particular solid, liquid, or gas) separated by its surface from other forms.

Synonyms of Phase

Aspect, Shape, Form, Appearance, State, Condition, Angle, Appearance, Aspect, Color, Complexion, Condition, Configuration, Development, Discontinue, Ease off, Effect, Eidolon, End, Facet, Fashion, Feature, Figure, Form, Gestalt, Guise, Hand, Image, Imago, Impression, Include, Incorporate, Inject, Insert, Insinuate, Juncture, Light, Likeness, Lineaments, Look, Manner, Moment, Occasion, Period, Phase in, Phase out, Phasis, Point of view, Position, Posture, Reference, Regard, Remove, Respect, Seeming, Semblance, Shape, Side, Simulacrum, Situation, Slant, Stage, State, Status, Step, Style, Taper off, Time, Total effect, Twist, Usher in, View, Viewpoint, Wind up, Wise, Withdraw, Work in, Stage, Period, Chapter, Episode, Part, Step, Point, Time, Juncture

How to use Phase in a sentence?

  1. The second condition is that the Sun, Earth and the Moon must also be lined up, corresponding to the phase of the New Moon.
  2. There are two output channels, one fixed in phase and the other variable in phase between 0 and 360 degrees.
  3. About 70% of the reflections were phased by this method.
  4. Solid carbon dioxide passes directly into the gas phase without becoming a liquid.
  5. The work is being phased over a number of years.
  6. The final phases of the war.

Meaning of Phase & Phase Definition

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