Pharmacy Technician Virtual Job Tryout

Pharmacy Technician Virtual Job Tryout

I need help with a virtual test / trial for an internship in pharmaceutical technology.

Tell me, what would you do in this situation? Some questions seem reasonable, but when I took this virtual test / quiz 6 months ago I failed and I can do it only once more and if I fail I wait 6 more months. Trying to: (I got an internship certificate to go. School, thank you.)

1. If you are talking to a customer who is ready to leave and who is a DVD customer who is ready to print and who has questions and is ready for you, what is it?

A: First ask the customer if it is okay to help the other customer and then go back to the first customer.

B: Confirm the other customer and let him know that you will be with him soon.

A: Tell the first customer that you will come back and help the second customer.

A woman has gone out with her 3 children and does not have a shopping cart for her goods. Not ready to go yet, she is seen fighting among her children and hiding things. What will i do

A: Go to the woman and ask her if she needs help.

B: Look closely at the woman and see if she asks for help.

A: Buy him a car without asking or talking.

During most pharmacy hours, customers ask for cold treats over the counter and have difficulty finding them. What will i do

A: Tell the customer the corridor number and point in the right direction.

B: Even at short distances, you are busy walking with customers to find you.

C: Tell him to wait.

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Pharmacy Technician Continuing Internship

I would choose AAA, but AAB can be whatever it wants.

Isn't there an employee manual or training video that teaches these things? It seems very unlikely that you will be tested.

ETA: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. If you train, you will probably take the test.

CVS service standards show you what a great service is and how to deliver it.

All new recruits must have (for both central business and pharmacy).

Participate in courses that create training programs for new employees.

Pharmacy Technician Virtual Job Tryout