How To Define Pharmaceutical?

Definition of Pharmaceutical: Related to or involved in the manufacture and sale of medicines.

Meanings of Pharmaceutical

  1. Compounds used as medicine.

  2. In connection with the manufacture or use, sale of drugs.

Sentences of Pharmaceutical

  1. Pharmacy and cosmetics

  2. Medicine

Synonyms of Pharmaceutical

essence , poison , tonic , sedative , remedy , dope , medicament , medicine , pharmaceutic , potion , prescription , medication , biologic , pill , medicinal , physic , ■■■■■■ , depressant , cure , ■■■■■■■■ , stimulant

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Pharmaceutical Meanings:

  • Refers to or participates in the drug manufacturing and marketing process.

Meanings of Pharmaceutical

  1. In connection with the manufacture, use, or sale of any medicine.

  2. A compound used as a medicine.