Pg Formula

Pg Formula

Or what is meant by PG? What is the pre-resolution formula?

Hi = D

-> PG Development and Mathematics

فارم € Â - Â Â • • • Â • Â فارم> Formula © © an = a1. Q nHello

an = general term

a1 = first bottle

q = reason

n = number of terms

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Geometric development


General terms: an = a1 + (n 1) r


General terms: an = a1.q * n1

Key term A PA: a1 + a3 / 2 = a2

Central concept of PG: a2 * 2 = (a1). (A3)

Give the thermal bottle a pa pair:

SN = (a1 + an) / 2) .n

Add two PG bottles:

SN = A1 (Q * N1) / Q1

Range of two PG thermal flasks:

SN = A1 / 1Q

Note: * means increase.


Pg Formula

Pg Formula

come on:

P.G (geometric development), be careful not to match P.A (mathematical development), now, P.G thermorrhagic formula:

a = a1. q (n1)

Where one, © no thermo, A1 or thermo first, that's why

Yeah yeah.

It helps.

Development or Mathematics PA

PG Geometry Course

Take a look at Wikipedia to see what the formula looks like.

Solve P.G., you like the formula ah An = N.

P.G stands for Geometric Progress

PG Progress Geometrica.

Take a look at the spreads below ...

The definition of a PG progress geometry axis is similar to a formula.

A formula of PG 2

an = a1.q n1 (1 n1 means n1 is exposed)

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on = last bottle

a1 = first term

q = race

n = number of terms

To find race or other data

And isolated or Q (race)

To find other types, the way © You split or third Thermo Hair Thermo Silk, or Split or Thermo Silk First Hair

(3,6,12,24, ...), you will split the hair or do the third Thermo (12) Thermo Silk (6) will find the type in which © 2


Big Penguin ... P = Big Penguin G = Big (PxG² = Satisfied Woman)

Pg Formula

Pg Formula

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Pg Formula