Petco Turtles

Petco Turtles

How much does a turtle cost? (In PETCO or on PetsMat)? ۔

I would like a water turtle. How many

It depends on the turtle. Red Air Mops (RES) make good pets and are a little cheap ($ 20-40), but they require a suitable living environment, including:

Large tank (20G is preferred for small turtles)

A filter

Rocks to climb

Heat lamp (heat lamp)

UVA / UVB lamp

Water heater (should be placed between 7580 degrees F)

They have kits that you can buy. If you buy a kit, it will cost from $ 150 to $ 250 (not including turtles), depending on the kit. (Not everything is included so extra money will be spent)

You need time and money to catch turtles. Rebel pet stores don't even sell these turtles. It is very difficult to find a child and take proper care of him. I suggest doing a lot of research before jumping on the turtles.

Why don't you try today or go to the store? You can then see the turtles, what species you want, what is the safe price for them, and you can talk to a worker to make sure you have everything. Which you need to take care of properly. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. See for yourself the turtles to decide if you like their style and consider them healthy. pe are helpful and happy!

Petco Turtles