Petco Return Policy

Petco Return Policy

Petco hamster return policy?

If you don't need to go out with me, take the hamster with you if you want to meet him. And make sure to take it to Petco where you bought it.

The Syrian hamster is very aggressive and loves regional art. Under no circumstances can they be used together. You will fight until one or both of them know, but I mean this is not a possible or impossible situation. They will fight and at least one of them will fight. You must disconnect them immediately. You will fight very soon. Most hamsters you buy at a pet store are 4-5 weeks old. Attacks begin at 6 weeks. The clock is ticking. If you do not want one or two hamsters in this hand, it is time to deal with it. I believe that PETCO has a 14-day return policy. Get one of these tomorrow. Not on sunday Not Monday Not next week. Tomorrow

Go to the store with a YY receipt and tell them your story. Make sure they know the tail is wet. It is a serious disease and other hamsters in the cage should also be checked. The second day of the warranty period, my hamster had bugs and they told me I could get rid of them.

Hey, don't be sad, it happened to me. Double! I learned the hard way that Petco is not the best hamshop. : / Buy your new hemi elsewhere (animal shelter, UN small animals or we know what they do). Then. You get your money back and yes, you got a hamster.

Sorry XD

Edit: Receive receipt and contract / form, otherwise no new ham and no refund!

Petco Return Policy