Petco Finches

Petco Finches

How many finches are there in Petco? 3

Zee bird, male

It depends on where you live, but here they sell for. 14.99.

You can buy them in your area and get them very cheaply and in better condition. I usually sell in French for 7. I recommend going to a fair near you, you can find here:

Cradle: up to about 15.

Accommodation: You can also get them from animal shelters at very affordable prices. However, our shelter where I live rarely has RDS.

Cage: This is the most expensive part if you don't have a cage. Don't forget the utensils, food, swings, lots of hangers and a cup for the third bath. I don't know much about finches, but I think there are some difficult things to include in their diet that are also helpful for them.

Number found. Rds are really cool animals.

It is better to buy finches from the rebels. Many pet stores have horrible and cruel things hidden behind store walls. When an animal is sick, put it in the freezer. They are kept alive in the freezer! In addition, they often do not take good care of their animals, especially pets. I've been to Petco a few times and have seen dirty water, bad food and cage problems. It can cost a few dollars more to buy one, but if you can't afford a well-maintained RD, you won't have the money to buy one.

About $ 5 to $ 10

Try foster homes, they are very cheap and will save your life while you wait. Usually over $ 14

All you have to do is call and ask your local PETCO. Very easy to do.

Petco Finches

Petco Finches


If you have a question about pets and everyone is asking Petco, then you are a pet too.

It is best to make it very personal

Between 5.99 and 14.99 (depending on where you live).

Petco Finches