Pet Diagnostics

Pet Diagnostics,

How To Define Pet Diagnostics?

  • Pet Diagnostics can be defined as,

    A pet diagnosis is a variety of tests that can give you an accurate picture of your pet's health.

Literal Meanings of Pet Diagnostics


Meanings of Pet:
  1. Pets or pets kept for friends or fun.

  2. It refers to something that we pay special attention to or that we have strong feelings about.

  3. Carrie with love (animal)

  4. Bad mood or bad mood attack.

  5. Polyethylene terephthalate.

  6. Positron emission tomography, especially for brain scans.

Sentences of Pet
  1. Ponies are family pets

  2. Another favorite project is the Arts Center

  3. Cats and pets came

  4. Mom on pets

Synonyms of Pet

stroke, mood, temper, caress, huff, pat, bad mood, tantrum, ill humour, fit of pique, ill temper, fondle, bad temper, fit of the sulks, sulk


Meanings of Diagnostics:
  1. Related to the diagnosis of a disease or other problem.

  2. Characteristics of a particular species, race or trend.

  3. Features or symptoms.

  4. Diagnostic exercises or techniques.

Sentences of Diagnostics
  1. Diagnostic tool

  2. Not one in the diagnostic role, but two pairs of antennas

  3. But Anaphor was never taken seriously as an assessment of such differences.

  4. Advanced medical diagnosis

Synonyms of Diagnostics

well organized, inquiring, mathematical, interpretative, rational, regulated, logical, controlled, systematic, searching, diagnostic, orderly, methodical, critical, meticulous, precise, exact, investigative, scientific, organized, ordered, inquisitive, rigorous, accurate