Definition of Pest:

  1. A destructive insect or other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc.

  2. Bubonic plague.

  3. Fungus, insect, nematode, rodent, weed, or other form of terrestrial or aquatic life form that is injurious to human or farm animal health, or interferes with economic activities such as agriculture and logging.

  4. An annoying person or thing; a nuisance.

Synonyms of Pest

Nuisance, Bother, Annoyance, Irritation, Irritant, Thorn in ones flesh, Thorn in ones side, Vexation, Trial, The bane of ones life, Menace, Curse, Problem, Trouble, Worry, Inconvenience, Bore, Gadfly, Affliction, Aggravation, Ambulatory plague, Annoyance, Annoyer, Bad news, Badgerer, Bane, Bedevilment, Besetment, Black death, Black plague, Blast, Blight, Bore, Bother, Botheration, Bothersomeness, Bubonic plague, Bugbear, Bully, Burden, Buttonholer, Calamity, Cancer, Canker, Cellulocutaneous plague, Crashing bore, Crushing burden, Curse, Death, Defervescing plague, Destruction, Devilment, Difficulty, Disease, Dogging, Downer, Drag, Drip, Dry rot, Dryasdust, Dusty, Epidemic, Epiphytotic, Epizootic, Evil, Exasperation, Flat tire, Frightful bore, Fungus, Gadfly, Glandular plague, Grievance, Harasser, Harassment, Harm, Harrier, Harrying, Headache, Heckler, Hemorrhagic plague, Hounding, Humdrum, Infliction, Irritant, Larval plague, Mildew, Mold, Molestation, Moth, Moth and rust, Murrain, Must, Nag, Nemesis, Nudnik, Nudzh, Nuisance, Open wound, Pandemia, Pandemic, Persecution, Persecutor, Pester, Pesterer, Pesthole, Pestilence, Pill, Plague, Plague spot, Plaguer, Pneumonic plague, Premonitory plague, Problem, Proser, Rot, Running sore, Rust, Sadist, Scourge, Septicemic plague, Siderating plague, Smut, Tease, Teaser, Thorn, Torment, Tormentor, Trial, Trouble, Tuberculosis, Twaddler, Vexation, Vexatiousness, Visitation, Wet blanket, White plague, Woe, Worm, Worriment, Worry

How to use Pest in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes a new pest will be introduced to your crops and you will have to find a way to get rid of it quickly.
  2. I hired a pest control man to come to the house and take care of our bug problem before it got out of control.
  3. The pest was running loose in the stairwells of the old office so we had to call an exterminator to end the problem.
  4. The tomato plant attracts a pest called whitefly.

Meaning of Pest & Pest Definition