PEST Analysis

PEST Analysis,

How Do You Define PEST Analysis?

  • PEST analysis (political, economic, social and technical) is a management method that helps an organization to be more competitive in the market. Allows you to evaluate important external factors affecting the process. As the acronym explains, these four areas are at the center of the model.

    • PEST analysis means political, economic, social and technical.
    • This type of analysis is used to assess external factors that can affect a company's profits.
    • This is usually most effective with large organizations that are more sensitive to the effects of macro events.
    • PEST analysis is often used in conjunction with SWOT analysis, which presents strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks.

  • The definition of PEST Analysis is: Political, economic, social and technical analysis. A business tool used in strategic planning to help understand the environmental impact of a company or organization.

Literal Meanings of PEST Analysis


Meanings of PEST:
  1. Pesticides or other animals that attack crops, food, livestock, etc.

  2. An interfering person or object is a nerve.

  3. Bubonic plague.

Sentences of PEST
  1. Tomato plants attract insects called whiteflies

Synonyms of PEST

irritant, thorn in one's flesh, thorn in one's side, problem, annoyance, curse, trial, the bane of one's life, vexation, trouble, irritation, bother, inconvenience, nuisance, menace, gadfly, bore, worry


Meanings of Analysis:
  1. A detailed study of the elements or structure of an object.

  2. Brief for psychological analysis

Sentences of Analysis
  1. Statistical analysis

Synonyms of Analysis

investigation, examination, perusal, study, inspection, scrutiny, survey, scanning