Peso Ideal Para 1 65

Peso Ideal Para 1 65

When it is 1.65 cm, what is the ideal weight? ۔

The range is between 20 and 30 years.

The Ma Corp Index (BMI) is a formula that indicates whether you are underweight, obese or underweight Saudis understand you. Corporate calculation or modification formula:

BMI = Weight / (Height) 2.

BMI below 20: You are underweight which is considered normal. If you know that your other boy has a spread type, then your body fat ratio is probably normal.

BMI between 20 and 25: Your weight is within the normal range.

BMI between 25 and 30: You are in low range and overweight.

And here you go ...

Calculator ...

Where you feel with your mind.

Don't worry if you think you are too heavy.

You are more important and have proven that you are directly affected by yourself.

Or general series 52 to 65.

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Peso Ideal Para 1 65