Perspective view

Perspective view,

Definition of Perspective view:

  1. Drawing that shows the exterior view of an object or an assembly, without any parts removed. With cutaway (sectional) views it shows parts normally hidden from the observer. Also called perspective drawing.

How to use Perspective view in a sentence?

  1. I was shown the perspective view and I was glad because I needed to see it in order to determine what I would do next.
  2. You should try to take a full perspective view any time you are thinking about making a very big decision.
  3. In order for me to be able to see how all of the different parts of the car worked together with each-other without having the car in front of me, I had to print a chart giving me a perspective view on all of the parts of the car, without actually having to physically look at it.

Meaning of Perspective view & Perspective view Definition