Definition of Personnel:

  1. Employees of an organization.

  2. Human resources division of an organization.

  3. People employed in an organization or engaged in an organized undertaking such as military service.

Synonyms of Personnel

Agent, Alternate, Alternative, Analogy, Backup, Change, Changeling, Comparison, Copy, Counterfeit, Crew, Deputy, Double, Dummy, Employees, Equal, Equivalent, Ersatz, Exchange, Fake, Fighting force, Fill-in, Firepower, Force, Forces, Gang, Ghost, Ghostwriter, Hands, Help, Hired help, Imitation, Locum tenens, Makeshift, Men, Metaphor, Metonymy, Next best thing, Phony, Pinch hitter, Proxy, Relief, Replacement, Representative, Reserves, Retinue, Ringer, Second string, Secondary, Servantry, Sign, Spares, Staff, Stand-in, Sub, Substituent, Substitute, Substitution, Succedaneum, Superseder, Supplanter, Surrogate, Symbol, Synecdoche, The big battalions, The help, Third string, Token, Troops, Understudy, Units, Utility player, Vicar, Vice-president, Vice-regent, Work force, Staff, Employees, Workforce, Workers, Labour force, Manpower, Human resources, People, Men and women

How to use Personnel in a sentence?

  1. I work in the Human Resources department and it is my job to hire all our personnel and get them settled into their jobs.
  2. Often a non-profit agency will have personnel costs, such as salaries and insurance, as the highest budget item that must be accounted for during the fiscal year.
  3. Many of the personnel involved require training.
  4. There were many personnel on hand to assist with any questions I had for the electrical engineering company based in Dallas Texas.

Meaning of Personnel & Personnel Definition