Definition of Personnel:

  1. Employees of an organization.

  2. An organization's human resource department.

  3. Individuals working in organizations or organized businesses, such as military service.

Synonyms of Personnel

Comparison, Spares, Secondary, Counterfeit, Staff, Surrogate, Proxy, The help, Utility player, Force, Fake, Hands, Vicar, Equivalent, Second string, Work force, The big battalions, Pinch hitter, Employees, People, Ringer, Labour force, Imitation, Substitute, Ghost, Gang, Ersatz, Alternative, Help, Sub, Exchange, Metaphor, Replacement, Men, Analogy, Servantry, Employees, Fighting force, Workforce, Phony, Locum tenens, Relief, Next best thing, Vice-regent, Vice-president, Fill-in, Firepower, Copy, Stand-in, Symbol, Crew, Substitution, Troops, Backup, Metonymy, Double, Changeling, Deputy, Alternate, Units, Equal, Agent, Understudy, Third string, Workers, Superseder, Representative, Sign, Reserves, Hired help, Succedaneum, Supplanter, Token, Men and women, Substituent, Synecdoche, Human resources, Change, Forces, Manpower, Makeshift, Staff, Dummy, Ghostwriter, Retinue

How to use Personnel in a sentence?

  1. I work in the HR department and it is my job to hire all our employees and involve them in our role.
  2. Nonprofit agencies often specify staff costs, such as salaries and insurance, which should be considered the highest budget during the year.
  3. Many affected employees need training.
  4. The Dallas, TX-based electrical engineering company has a large number of people to answer your questions.

Meaning of Personnel & Personnel Definition


Personnel Meanings:

People who work for a company or organization. The administrative department of an organization that takes care of employees and generally acts as a liaison between departments.

Meanings of Personnel

  1. Individuals who work in an organization or organized business, such as military service.