Personal income and outlays

Personal income and outlays,

Definition of Personal income and outlays:

  1. The Personal Income and Outlays report (also called the Personal Consumption Report) consists of a series of data groupings produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) that track consumer income and spending. Personal income is the dollar value of income from all sources by individuals in the U.S.; personal outlay is the dollar value of purchases of durable (consumer goods that are not purchased frequently), and non-durable goods and services by U.S. consumers. These data can give indications of consumer behavior, saving activity, and overall economic performance.

  2. A set of data points used to gauge the economic health of the United States consumer sector, that compares all income from any source for all individuals in the US with the sum total amount spent purchasing goods and services by US consumers.

  3. As an economic indicator, the Personal Income and Outlays report helps to gauge the strength of the U.S. consumer sector. Because consumer spending equates to such a large portion of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), being able to gauge trends in income and spending is extremely important to investors because it provides an indication about the overall aggregate demand. The report also helps investors decide which companies to invest in because they can analyze and track whether consumers are spending on durables, non-durables, or services.

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  1. Personal Income and Outlays is a monthly report issued by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which depicts consumer earning, spending, and saving. .
  2. Changes in the amounts and ratios between income, spending, and saving can provide important indications of current and near-term future economic trends. .
  3. Because consumer spending is an important indicator of the demand for businesses' products and represents a large share of the U.S.' gross domestic product (GDP), the Personal Income and Outlays report is closely watched. .

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