Personal digital assistant (PDA)

Personal digital assistant (PDA),

Definition of Personal digital assistant (PDA):

  1. Powerful handheld computing device without a keyboard, but with a screen that reads the words written (drawn) on it with a pen -like stylus. Most PDAs (like the Palm Pilot) have built-in (or accessible through attachable modules) capabilities to take notes, write letters, keep records, perform spreadsheet functions, read bar codes, connect to internet and other networks to download and upload data, and synchronize its data with data in a desktop computer. Wireless PDAs can connect to remote computers or databases within the range.

  2. A (usually hand-held) portable computer, especially one which combines the functions of an electronic organizer with the capacity for networking and telecommunication; abbreviated PDA.

How to use Personal digital assistant (PDA) in a sentence?

  1. Personal Digital Assistant s, aka PDAs, are used not only in business practices by by everyone to keep their schedules, notes and reminders to make life easier to you have no excuse for missing that date or meeting!.
  2. You may want to bring on a personal digital assistant if you are to swamped with things and need some help.
  3. I had a personal digital assistant help me through what I was doing and I found it to be very easy and great.

Meaning of Personal digital assistant (PDA) & Personal digital assistant (PDA) Definition