Personal Day

Personal Day,

Personal Day Meanings:

  • Definition of Personal Day: When an employee can take the time to resolve personal issues.

Literal Meanings of Personal Day


Meanings of Personal:
  1. Advertisements or posts in private newspaper ad columns.

  2. Some people, not others.

  3. More about your personal life, relationships and emotions than matters related to your public or professional career.

  4. In relation to the body.

  5. Talk to or talk to one of the three people.

  6. It exists as an automatic entity, not an abstract or unprofessional force.

Sentences of Personal
  1. They met through a private advertisement that a Jew was running in an Indian newspaper.

  2. His personal value was recently reported at 37 37 million

  3. This book describes his acting career and provides some information about his personal life.

  4. Yes, that's why I use personal pronouns, which indicate personal opinion.

  5. Rejects the idea of ​​a personal and personal God

Synonyms of Personal

distinctive, exclusive, private, secret, personalized, individual, particular, one's own business, characteristic, confidential, individualized, unique, one's own, intimate, peculiar, idiosyncratic


Meanings of Day:
  1. The period of twenty-four hours as a unit of calculated time from midnight to midnight is equal to the rotation of the earth on its axis.

  2. A special time in the past of an era.

Sentences of Day
  1. They met a few days ago

  2. The law was very strict at that time

Synonyms of Day

epoch, time, period, age, working day, era, twenty-four hours, twenty-four-hour period, full day, point in time, generation