Persona non grata

Persona non grata,

Definition of Persona non grata:

  1. Person who is rejected by those whose acceptance of him or her is required in a situation.

  2. An unacceptable or unwelcome person.

Synonyms of Persona non grata

DP, Ishmael, Jim Crow, Alien, Apartheid, Bad child, Bad example, Bad man, Bad news, Bad person, Bad woman, Castaway, Color bar, Declasse, Derelict, Displaced person, Disreputable, Disreputable person, Division, Ethnocentrism, Evictee, Exclusiveness, Exile, Expatriate, Expellee, Foreigner, Insularity, Insulation, Isolation, Know-nothingism, Leper, Narrowness, Objectionable person, Out-group, Outcast, Outcast of society, Outcaste, Outlaw, Outsider, Pariah, Parochialism, Quarantine, Race hatred, Racial segregation, Seclusion, Segregation, Separation, Snobbishness, Social outcast, Stranger, Tightness, Unacceptable person, Undesirable, Untouchable, Unworthy, Xenophobia, Pariah, Persona non grata, Reject, Leper, Untouchable

How to use Persona non grata in a sentence?

  1. From now on, these yellow journalists can consider themselves personae non gratae.

Meaning of Persona non grata & Persona non grata Definition