Perro Barbilla

Perro Barbilla

What do you know about the BARLLA dog breed? I give 5 stars ...? 3

A complete summary of the Barla dog breed.

5 stars for the best resume.

Its number means "cico" or "barlla". It is a dog that has existed since the 19th century and comes in four breeds depending on its hair type, which can be long, short, thin or stiff.

Sylhet is square and strong. He is a loyal, intelligent, loving and trustworthy dog.

There are many small pictures that are the best choice for a woman living alone, for example, because she is a good mentor and very attached to her boss. One of its disadvantages is that it is very barking (like good German).

Manicure Schneizer's behavior goes far beyond his older brother's values. You are a very active and passionate dog. It is an excellent guard dog, tends to bark in the presence of strangers and is a very wild animal despite its size, ready to defend its family and home.

As far as relationships with people are concerned, he is not a dog for patients and is not prepared to follow the instructions of an owner who does not know how to use proper leadership. It is also important to emphasize the importance of education and training for achieving harmonious coexistence.

This dog likes to play, but likes to make his own rules when he plays. Therefore, since they are not a tolerant breed, you need to constantly monitor your interactions with children. Max also needs to keep a close eye on his relationships with other dogs as they are in front of Dennis.

Finally, I would say that if anyone is surprised and curious about the behavior of the Giant Schneider, he is not old enough to adopt a dog of this size, he should not be sent to the small Schneider Manora.

They also call it Berla.

Perro Barbilla

Perro Barbilla

Lador, Golden Retreat, Border Collie and Spaniel I love these races because they love to play, great for cute kids and lots of guardians. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// And shout at them. A. They are painfully very smart and compete with everyone for the love of the owner and they need a lot of care, it costs more than you (your experience).

!!!!!! Good Girl

Bouvier des Flanders

Flanders boy

Origin: Franco / Belgium: The boys of Flanders, as the statistics show, are from Flanders of both Belgium and France, there is no natural boundary separating these two regions.

AES: Initially, Flanders boys were used as herdsmen and migratory or migratory dogs. The yard's modernization and furniture changed its original use, and the Flanders boy began working as a guard dog to protect property and the yard as a guard and guard dog. Its physical and lunar abilities, extraordinary features, its olive green dog, initiative and intelligence allow it to be used in the fight against trackers, messengers and poaching.

General Appearance: Brewline, small in color and ■■■■■, muscular limbs, gives the impression of strength but without any sign of weight. The Flanders boy showed intelligence, energy and courage in his bright eyes. His character is full of warmth.

Head: Beard has a strong appearance and highlights the mustache in proportion to the body and size of the dog. When he found out, he pointed to himself.

Head region

Skull: It is flattened and slightly wider in length. The axis of the skull and sex are parallel. The ratio of skull length to skull length is 3 to 2.

Forehead: Marked.

Nasopharyngeal Depression: Not very clear and eyebrows appear to you more than where you are.


cicus: Ink, straight, bone, straight in upper profile, descending towards nose, but not pointed. Its length will be 2-3 times smaller than the skull, and its thickness, measured just below the eyes, will look like the length of the head.

Nose (nose): Truffles lengthen the nasal passages in a slightly convex line at the end. It should spread, the edges should be round and always colorful. The nostrils should be open.

Cheeks: smooth and thin.

Ear: Triangular cut, straight, adjustable in height and most possible, it is recommended that the cut be proportional to the volume of the head.

Perro Barbilla

Perro Barbilla

British descent. Dogs with straight and ■■■■■ limbs, with thick fur. The head is great, the body is fun, and the movements are flexible and easy. Double hair is mandatory and legs are long and straight.

Dogs and puppies, which stay in the water for hours and are able to gallop on dry land. Pleasant and balanced mood.


Perro Barbilla

Perro Barbilla

Perro Barbilla