Definition of Perpetuity:

  1. The state or quality of lasting forever.

  2. A restriction making an estate inalienable perpetually or for a period beyond certain limits fixed by law.

  3. Lasting for ever (in theory), such as cash flow from an investment. See also rule against perpetuities.

  4. A bond or other security with no fixed maturity date.

Synonyms of Perpetuity

Abidingness, Age, All-comprehensiveness, All-inclusiveness, Antiquity, Boundlessness, Ceaselessness, Chattering, Constancy, Constant flow, Continualness, Continuance, Continuity, Countlessness, Defeat of time, Defiance of time, Distance, Diuturnity, Durability, Durableness, Duration, Endlessness, Endurance, Eternity, Exhaustlessness, Extension, Extent, Forever, Illimitability, Immeasurability, Immensity, Incalculability, Incessancy, Incomprehensibility, Inexhaustibility, Infiniteness, Infinitude, Infinity, Innumerability, Interminability, Lastingness, Length, Lengthiness, Limitlessness, Linear measures, Long standing, Long time, Long-lastingness, Long-livedness, Longevity, Longitude, Longness, Maintenance, Measure, Measurelessness, Mileage, Noninterruption, Numberlessness, Oscillation, Overall length, Perdurability, Perennation, Permanence, Persistence, Pulsation, Quick fire, Rapid fire, Rapid recurrence, Rapid succession, Rapidity, Reach, Regularity, Repetition, Span, Stability, Staccato, Standing, Steadfastness, Steadiness, Stretch, Stuttering, Survival, Survivance, Sustainment, Tattoo, Termlessness, Timelessness, Unintermission, Uninterruption, Universality, Unmeasurability, Vibration, World without end, Yardage, Stability, Durability, Persistence, Permanency, Fixity, Fixedness, Changelessness, Immutability, Endurance, Dependability, Constancy, Continuance, Continuity, Immortality, Indestructibility, Perpetuity, Endlessness

How to use Perpetuity in a sentence?

  1. He did not believe in the perpetuity of military rule.
  2. It is proposed that in future there should be a statutory rule on perpetuities that applies only to specified interests, which are essentially only those arising under wills and trusts.

Meaning of Perpetuity & Perpetuity Definition