Definition of Permitted:

  1. Officially allow (someone) to do something.

  2. Licensed or with your consent to perform activities such as construction or marketing. Permission to perform an activity usually means that it can be performed within certain parameters, e.g. B. Geographical Fishing Permits.

  3. A legal document that allows someone to do something.

  4. Access or permission to pre-restricted places, groups, documents or documents

Synonyms of Permitted

Let off, Favored, Unanswerable, Chartered, Grant, Licence, Warrant, Unprohibited, Authorize, Privileged, Unaccountable, Exempted, Irresponsible, Immune, Authorization, Unforbidden, Licensed, Enable, Grant someone the right, Unsubject, Sanction, Excepted, Voucher, Excused, On sufferance, License, Give someone leave, Exempt, Spared, Released, Let, Admitted, Give someone authorization, Unliable, Give someone permission, Qualify, Document, Allowed, Ticket, Empower, Entitle, Allow, Tolerated, Pass, Certification

How to use Permitted in a sentence?

  1. The law allows the city to control a factory that emits smoke.
  2. He is only in England with a work permit.

Meaning of Permitted & Permitted Definition