Definition of Permitted:

  1. Officially allow (someone) to do something.

  2. Allowed or given consent to perform an activity such as construction or commerce. Being permitted to perform an activity usually means doing so within specific parameters, such as being permitted to fish within geographic boundaries.

  3. An official document giving someone authorization to do something.

  4. Given access or clearance to a previously restricted place, group, document or documents.

Synonyms of Permitted

Allow, Let, Authorize, Give someone authorization, Give someone leave, Give someone permission, Sanction, Grant, Grant someone the right, License, Empower, Enable, Entitle, Qualify, Admitted, Allowed, Chartered, Excepted, Excused, Exempt, Exempted, Favored, Immune, Irresponsible, Let off, Licensed, On sufferance, Privileged, Released, Spared, Tolerated, Unaccountable, Unanswerable, Unforbidden, Unliable, Unprohibited, Unsubject, Authorization, Licence, Pass, Voucher, Ticket, Warrant, Document, Certification

How to use Permitted in a sentence?

  1. The law permits councils to monitor any factory emitting smoke.
  2. He is only in Britain on a work permit.

Meaning of Permitted & Permitted Definition