How To Define Permits?

  • Meaning of Permits: A legal document that allows the government to do something.

Meanings of Permits

  1. Officially allow (someone) to do something.

  2. An official document that allows someone to do something.

  3. A deep-bodied fish from the horse mackerel family is found in the warm waters of the Western Atlantic and Caribbean and is prepared for eating and playing.

Sentences of Permits

  1. The law allows cities to monitor factories that emit manganese smoke.

  2. You are only in the UK with a work permit

  3. He told me that there was a sea bass and a tarpon (as he already knew) and that there was a big bone fish and fishing license.

Synonyms of Permits

liberty , license , allowance , favor , toleration , empower, visa , document, concession , empowering , consent , leave , safe-conduct , admittance , grant , permission , let, authorization, license, certification, allow, ticket, patent , indulgence , give someone authorization, pass, qualify, give someone permission

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