Permanent partial disability

Permanent partial disability,

Definition of Permanent partial disability:

  1. A disability the insured is impaired by, but not totally incapacitated by. The insured is still able to work in some capacity.

Meaning of Permanent partial disability & Permanent partial disability Definition

Permanent Partial Disability,

What Does Permanent Partial Disability Mean?

Compensation for employee disability The level of compensation that an injured employee can deal with, but not the skill and effectiveness demonstrated prior to the injury. As a result, workers' ability to work is reduced. Most employee compensation laws offer benefits based on the percentage of disability.

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Meanings of Permanent:
  1. Durable, indefinite or immovable.

  2. Permanent hair

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  1. Permanent ban on dumping radioactive waste into the sea

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Meanings of Partial:
  1. What exists is partially incomplete.

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  1. A question to which only partial answers are given

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Meanings of Disability:
  1. A physical or mental condition that limits a person's movements, senses, or activities.

Sentences of Disability
  1. Pay for equipment and vacations to improve the lives of physically and mentally challenged children in the York area.

Synonyms of Disability

disorder, malady, disease, dysfunction, ailment, illness, complaint, condition, affliction